Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cool blue

When it gets hot like today, you need something cool to stay fresh: how about this pretty baby blue vintage dress Nadie is wearing? As I'm typing, it's still available in JUTKA & RISKA Amsterdam. Kind of reminds me of our dear Alice...but no eating or drinking involved: just wear this dress and create your own wonderland!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

We LOVE wedges, patent and BCBG

Here we go, now on display in the Haarlem store window: these kick-ass black patent leather BCBG wedges European size 40 (€99,-). Is this pair not the ideal way to lengthen your legs and give your outfit that extra bit of edge? We love them, but they do not fit our pretty feet..:-( So to all Cinderella's in the country: Please come by and give them a try... You will turn into an even bigger princess than you already are!

Monday, July 12, 2010

After rain...

....comes Nadie?!?

Although Debby wore all orange stuff she could get her hands on and she has blown her lungs out on her vuvuzela, last night our national soccer heroes were not able to beat the feisty toreadors from Espana. So we sobbed and we cried and we woke up with quite a hangover. Luckily we still have a life after the world championship and more importantly we have our personal sunshine to lighten our day: Nadie. Here she is showing off this pretty vintage maxi dress. The wind caught her 'wings' which made the sleeves stand up! So much for high tech wind blowing ventilator photo shoot things; old fashioned luck does it for us ;-). Now available (with the sleeves down) for you to wonder through the breeze for €45,- at JUTKA & RISKA Amsterdam.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

InStore: Debby's pick

On her way to cheer on the Dutch soccer team (it helped tons: we beat Brazil!), Debby hopped off her orange bike to show us her favorite item from the Haarlem store. As a matter of fact, she liked it soooo much that she now is proud owner of this super cool black bag. And it totally suits her, don't you agree?
The off-white lace dress is super short, very girly and on sale at the moment for only 49 euro. The shades: 10 euro, the black bracelet is one of my personal favorites from the latest shipping of Club Manhattan it costs 30 euro. Wonder what lucky charm Debby will come up with to support our team during upcoming the match against Uruguay....an orange swimsuit? Hup Holland Hup!

When Mandy finished her dress

Roses are red, violets are blue... Mandy made this dress especially for you. Although the pics might make it look like these are two of a kind, don't let your eyes trick you. There is only one. As a matter of fact I should say, there WAS only one, because after just a day or so on display in our Haarlem shopwindow, this unique dress was sold. It now belongs to a very lucky lady, fortunately we still got the pictures!