Friday, December 28, 2012

OnWEBSHOP: Little mermaid

Little mermaid

Suggestions from our WEBSHOP:

Webshop link - Blue sequin dress €49,99,- :

Webshop link - Pink romantic sequin short  €54,-:

Webshop link – Black sweater with silver star stud €39,99,- :

Webshop link – Vintage green evening dress €134,10,- :

Webshop link – Silver wing earring €3,99,- :

Webshop link - Silver balls necklace €16,99,- :

Webshop link - Silver leaves bracelet €11,99,- :

Webshop link - Round blue feather earrings €7,99,- :

Thursday, December 27, 2012

InPress: Citta Magazine

Nice article and pictures about vintage in Antwerp! And we're in it :-)

Monday, December 24, 2012

InStore: Merry X-Mas

In our Haarlem store we’re celebrating Christmas with our lovely dresses and sweets. Please come over to check our awesome collection of party dresses, accessories and presents for under the christmas tree!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

InWindow: Festive Fever ! ! !

Look at our funny festive window in Antwerp!

Monday, December 17, 2012

OnWEBSHOP: Ignite the fuse and make it beautiful

A new year is coming, a year full of glitters and fireworks.

Webshop link - Black glitter cocktail dress €45,- :

Webshop link - Black chiffon blouse with studded collar  €32,- :

Webshop link – Golden cross double ring €6,99,- :

Webshop link – Pink triangle earrings with spikes €8,99,- :

Webshop link – Fuchsia and turquoise Norway cashmere shawl €21,99,- :

Webshop link - Golden necklace black triangles €9,99,- :

Webshop link - Vintage faux leather black bag €29,99,- :


This week started our Party Sale:
20% Discount on RopaRosa & 20% Discount on Selected Femme! Two of our favorite
brands. We have Also 20% Discount on our Vintage cloths and accessory items instore 
and on our WEBSHOP! So you still looking for your a party dress or a shiny accessory for the perfect match with you favorite shoe?

Let's meet RopaRosa:
High Fashion label RopaRosa created by Roos van der Kamp who's living in West
Amsterdam. ( the place where it all happened )…. Also for JUTKA & RISKA since may
2012! Her mission was getting inspired by powerful and playful females, her designs
are focussed on sharp lines and relaxed forms.
Geometrical shapes are combinated with a feminine fit and executed with sportswear
inspirational materials. Also JUTKA & RISKA loves RopaRosa curious why ....Because each powerful piece of cloth : shirt, skirt or dress you can buy is an unique handmade garment. 
Let's meet Selected Femme:The high end brand out of Denmark who tells the story of
strong and independent characters transforming the newest trends into personal
expressions. Inspiration is drawn from strong - woman who embrace urban lifestyle
andinterpret the latest trends in fashion, music and design. JUTKA & RISKA loves
Selected Femme too because this high end brand creates: Good striking basics in
their collection'(s) basics who perfectly completes your favorite JUTKA & RISKA
party or just daily outfit. 


Holidays full of love

Just to tell you: HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
We've got special opening days, for exemple: our Antwerp store is open on sunday!
Our other stores are open every sunday!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

OnWEBSHOP:Cheers to New Year and another chance for you to look fabulous.

Cheers to New Year and another chance for you to look fabulous.
Suggestions from our WEBSHOP:

Webshop link - grey and black shawl €21,99,-:

Webshop link - green cardigan with wool €32,-:

Webshop link - Galaxy space legging €35,-:

Webshop link - Pink spine bracelet €7,99,-:

Webshop link - Black cross bracelet €7,99,-:

Webshop link - Black silk shirt €29,99,-:

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

OnTelevision: Temptation @ AT5

JUTKA & RISKA @ AT5: temptation.