Friday, March 30, 2012

InWindow: Amsterdam Gone Graphic

Black and white, white and black a trustworthy combo, positive and great for graphic prints. We suffer from some kind of triangle pattern madness, just as long as they are black and white - so gorgeous! More, more, more! If you want to experience them to the max, just drop by our store. And if that leaves you hungry for more, check out this crazy internet art by Rafael Rozendaal ;-)

Black vintage hat €15,- Neon yellow sleeved sweater (JUTKA & RISKA) €59,-
 Necklace black/gray metal €18,-
 Shorts black and white print (customized Levi's) €55,- 
White vintage pumps €49, -
Silver with black vintage leather jacket € 129,- 
Dress with black and white pattern (Numph) €49,- Ring silver spring €6,-  Necklace Black fabric with studs €20,-  Big black vintage envelope bag €49,-
 Black vintage bag with gold strap €45,-  Wallet Vogue €10,- Sunglasses Black/White €10,- 
Black cat statue €17,- Vase white with gold and silver €25,- Pink sunglasses €10, -

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spotted InStore: Ashanti

Name: Ashanti
Spotted in store: JUTKA & RISKA Amsterdam Bilderdijkstraat
Lives in: Amsterdam
Makes a living: working for a web shop
Likes: TRAVELING! and of course shopping.
While taking pics for a  post on the jolt of inspiration we got from the new Marni collection (still to wrap up), Ashanti walked into our store. We love her rocky look. She comes often to check out what's new in store because she lives right around the corner. She told us she is planning on visiting the other stores asap. Hope you have found something of your liking and we'd love to welcome you in one of our other stores soon!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Event report: Rotterdam museum night with Trash & Treasures

It was a great night. Never have we seen so much art, music, dance, fashion and other expressions of creativity come together in one night. Rotterdam museum night rocked ;-) Here's a small photo impression of our hang-out with the Trash and Treasures gang.

Friday, March 16, 2012

InWindow: Antwerp in a blue mood

It seems like we have some kind of magnetic force towards street restructuring, because we just learned that not only right in front of our shop in Amsterdam and a block up the road from our Haarlem store, soon also our Antwerp store will be trapped in street construction work of some kind. Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! No worries, we will always make sure you will be able to get in without having to struggle your way through the sand, just as long as you won't forget about us once you get used to taking a detour?...

The Antwerp window is filled with goodies by Sonia Rykiel, Sugarhill Boutique, RopaRosa and many other brands. We would love to welcome you in and show you all lovely items we have in store now.

Monday, March 12, 2012

InDetail: Bravoure blouse sleeves

Just to prove to you that we were not over-exaggerating the width of the sleeves of the black silk chiffon BRAVOURE blouse, here some shots:

Love it! What do you think?

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Here's some great pieces that just entered our stores. We have a very limited stock and we do not carry all items from the BRAVOURE collection. So if you don't wanna miss it, make sure to be fast. It feels like forever since we placed the order (remember?), and now it's here! Lots of spacey fireworks prints on incredible silk chiffon. The sleeves of the black chiffon blouse are fantastic and wide, the cape fits like a boyfriend jacket without sleeves, but looks way feminine. Both real timeless pieces that will easily survive more than one or two years of fashion trends. The items just came out overall stunning; can't wait to hear what you think of them!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

InWindow: Amsterdam apples

The birds are singing, men ogle, we take fresh colors out of our closet and the temperature rises: spring is on its way!  After such a cold (but short) Dutch winter, we are so glad to feel it is finally getting warmer. The warm winter jackets are slowly disappearing, and colors are brought back to life. SPRING - flowers, buzzing bee’s, easter eggs and a soft sun breaking through. Unfortunately, the sun seems a little hesitant to share its’ rays with us. So we had to find another way to get a little warmth in the store at the Bilderdijkstraat ;-)
Therefore we transformed the shop window into a fruit altar a la Stella McCartney. Stella invented the first fruit print, which turned out to be such a great concept that it has been an inspiration for the rest of the fashion world (including yours truly!). Expect to see many of these juicy prints hitting the stores this summer. As you can see we also have a new item in store: a Levi’s jeans short customized with red leather apples on it. You can't exactly take a bite, but you'll look real delicious wearing them!

Stella McCartney collection

Vintage fruit print blouse €29,-                                                            
Jutka&Riska new collection fuchsia-orange-green blouse (fabric by Dries van Noten) €89,-
Jutka&Riska apple pants (Levi's customize) €59,-
Yellow vintage sweater €29,-
Yellow vintage boots  €59,-
Purple leather bracelet with pink stones ("Super Stylish", real Swarovski) €39.95 
Set of pink and gold-braided bracelets €7,99
Set of 3 orange rings (Friss and Company)€20,-
Feather earrings in bright colors €4,99 
Red-pink stone earrings €5,-
Pink flower ring €5,-
Bag €26,95 
Little pink wallet  €9.95
White/blue/green sunglasses  €10,-  
Purple flower clip €5,-
Yellow flower clip €3,99
Blue scarf (12,-) and yellow-pink scarf (€10,-) in vintage glass pears (€12,-each)