Thursday, September 29, 2011

InPress: JUTKA & RISKA items spotted in PAROOL PS

Newsflash! We spotted two items from our shop in a dutch newspaper called "Het Parool". Davina Morales who works as a parttime freelance fashion stylist, bought these amazing boots by Sergio Rossi and jacket by Supertrash at our store. She is going for a edgy, sexy, unpolished look with a twist. Great look Davina and we love the hairdo!

Jacket by Supertrash

Boots by Sergio Rossi

InPress: JUTKA & RISKA items spotted in ELLE magazine of October 2011

In the ELLE magazine of October on page 131 you can find two budget items from our shop in Amsterdam, a orange knitted top and a black bag. These items are picked by stylist Lisa Stuyfzand who dressed her sister Sarah Stuyfzand in a nice total combination for a budget of 100 euro. Great Job Lisa!!!!

The JUTKA & RISKA items are still available in our shop in Amsterdam.

Orange knitted top 19,-

Black bag 15,-

EVENT: Friday the 30th of september JUTKA & RISKA @ WINDOWLICKERS in Rotterdam

We are participating @ WINDOWLICKERS in Rotterdam, the Netherlands on Friday the 30th of September. Hope to see you there.............

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

InPress: & NL20

Spotlights on Amsterdam! We received an e-mail from Serena Verbon, editor of who just so happened to stumble upon our Amsterdam store and wrote a very nice blogpost about her finds. Thank you Serena! We are glad you found us and enjoyed your unexpected shopping spree.

But there was more Amsterdam InPress this week: Lianne sent us and email to fill us in on a full page article about 'Topvintage' at our Amsterdam store in the 19th edition (14-27 aug 2011) of the free Amsterdam city magazine NL20. This whole issue of NL20 seems to focus on lots of fashion related stuff, which really makes it a fun read. For the people from outside Amsterdam, or if you just missed this issue: they also publish it online, here. Just click this link, then double click the magazine on their site so it pops up full screen and find Jutka & Riska on page 23. Thanks Lianne, we greatly appreciate you let us know!

Luckily we're usually well informed concerning publications about our stores, but still every now and then we run into stuff in press/online we are not aware of. Since we are rather curious, we would like to ask for your help. If you happen to stumble upon any one of our stores mentioned anywhere, it would be great if you could drop us a line. Please mail to blog (at) jutkaenriska (dot) com. The best tip/link will be rewarded with a Club Manhattan accessory.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

InSpire: Kim went Wilde

More fun stuff in store!

Leopard jacket €89,-
Leopard top Fabric by Givenchy €129,-
Waist skirt Nous Vous €99,-
Cowboy boots €69,-

Yellow ring €7,99

Lettervest Rut. M. Fl. €45,95

Yellow scarf Fabric by Missoni €49,-
Red jeansdress Fabric by Missoni - Jutka & Riska €149,-
Black handbag €35,-
Yellow shoes Jutka & Riska €69,-

Pink jacket €45,-
Yellow top Nous vous €75,-
Pink feather earrings €3,99
Polkadot pumps €34,50
Green high waisted pants €79,-

Blue Jacket Lanaby’s €59,-
Purple blouse Marianne Paris €35,-
Woolen pants Jutka & Riska €75,-
Black boots models own
Deer ring Friis & Company €11,95
Black vintage handbag €35,-

Thursday, September 15, 2011

OnStreet: Nana Appiah

Another good looking local shopping in her hometown Antwerp: Nana Appiah. As we speak, Nana together with some friends is starting a brand new concept: WOLF... An initiative by and for the creative community in and around Antwerp. They will be hosting events, there will be music, art and much more of the good stuff in life. As soon as we know more about Wolf, we will fill you in, right now it is still so fresh that this is all the information we can give you. Thanks Nana for sharing this with us, we'll keep in touch!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

InPress: Vestal magazine (NY)

April Jumelet is the stylist of many jaw-dropping fashion editorials. And more often then not she includes items from our stores to complete her looks. Here's some imagery from her latest job for Vestal Magazine. Enjoy!

Thanks April, for sharing!
Photography: Paul Bakker @ Unit C.M.A.
Stylist: April Jumelet
Make-up & Hair: Dennis Michael for Ellis Faas Cosmetics @ Angelique Hoorn
Assistant Stylist: Jason Tompkins
Model: Sharon @ New York Models

Sunday, September 11, 2011

InTern: Meet Babette

New school year started and so did our new interns. Numero uno: Meet Babette.
She went through the store, pulled out a variety of items to put together her favorite outfit for this post. It all went as planned, until we went out into the Dutch weather. But from under the cover of her improvised rain shelter, Babette looks just as great. Welcome Babette, hope you'll have a dry, warm and awesome time with us!

Coat Selected/femme €139.95
Vest Selected/femme €119.95
Legging Roparosa €49.95
Dress Collection Chalice €59.00
Shoes Rubber ducks €119.95 (synthetic nubuck sand)
Earrings Jutka & Riska €8.00
Scarf Fabric by Missoni €49.00
Ring Jutka & Riska €9.95
Bag Vintage €59.00

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rubik cube survivor

Again, we have found some new decorations and we are also busy making fluorescent vases (to sell?!). Soon, we will show you!
And for all you last-shop-window fans, this week the pieces will be hanging in the store again! So for all you baby-pink-skirt lovers, quick!