Tuesday, September 28, 2010

OnStreet: Kanako Matsuo

More Asian fashion delight from our Belgian colleagues... wow, keep them coming! This stunning fashionista also studies at the Antwerp Fashion Academy. After visiting our store, she was willing to show off her latest purchase: the brown feathered hairpiece (which can also be worn as a brooch). Astonished by her looks, we forgot to ask her for her name, luckily she returned in our store the day after, so you can all have a close look at Kanako Matsuo's super cool style.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Autumn owls from Antwerp

These pictures really speak for themselves, let's not waist this precious space with worthless words: ADORABLE AUTUMN OWLS + Noemie = WOW!

€ 45,- black suede pumps
€ 23,- owl necklace
€ 77,- studded clutch
€ 5,- & € 8,- bracelets
€ 69,- vintage owlsweater
€ 25,- gold/black ring
€ 20,- heartring with wings

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

OnStreet: Sin Ae

Last week Sin Ae spread her wings in our Antwerp store. Not literally of course, but walking around on such cool shoes you simply can not stay unnoticed. Sin Ae is a 2nd year fashion student at the Antwerp Academy for Fashion and if it's up to us, we would like to give her a head start in school this year by giving her an A+ for wearing the most incredible footwear!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Antwerp special: Marvellous jackets

I think after receiving these pictures in our inbox, our e-mail will stay radiant for days to come. A big thanks goes out to our Belgian colleagues Ans & Veerle! They say tomorow we will need our grey raincoats again, untill then let's feast our eyes on these colorful treats!
Available in our Antwerp store right now:
Turquoise jacket Yves Saint Laurent 139 euro
Bright orange jacket (unknown brand) 75 euro
Light green jacket NATAN 125 euro
Hot pink jacket Yves Saint Laurent 150 euro
Colorful gloves, long (not leather) 22 euro
Black & white horses short (SugarHill Boutique) 45 euro (available in all 3 stores!)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

InStore(s) : One-off J&R accessories

Maybe you have already found them, maybe this little pic will fire up your curiosity or maybe you already are owner of a one of a kind jewelry piece we made in our own little attic atelier. The lovely Patty is showing some of them in the picture below. Since there is only one piece of every design, there will be different items to be found in all 3 stores. Please let us know what you think!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Manjewell bird got adopted

Dear followers, not to brag about ourselves, but we are very happy to see so many smiling faces visiting our stores. Thank you for sharing your positive energy with us. Every now and then a customers energy is remarkably positive such as the cute girl in the picture below. Doesn't she look beautifully radiant with her brand new Manjewell accessory in her hair? We are happy to see that this bird found a great new home! One last note for the lovely lady in the picture: Because of the buzz in the store, we forgot to write down your name properly, sorry for that, but thanks again for your generous smile and hope to see you again some time.

We got blogged!

Just as much as we ourselves are always looking for new content for our blog, Claire, a very nice lady from Elle, was at our Amsterdam store for some blogpost inspiration. And she sure wrote a super nice story about our stores! Thank you Claire for putting together such a lovely blogpost about us! If you are interested and you can read Dutch, you can read Claires full story on the Elle blog.