Tuesday, December 28, 2010

InStore: Black or white?

CHANEL goodies in our Antwerp store! What do you prefer? Black or white?
The black Chanel shopper: euro 650,-
The classic flap white Chanel: Sorry, sold out!

While choosing, listen to the classic below:

Happy new Hair?!

Getting ready for a fresh start of the new year? Tap into the inspiration in Rob Peetoom's winter '10/11 magazine... featuring a wide range of our NYE-proof hair (and other) accessories. So get that feathery Gaga-licious hairdo going, bejewel yourself and party all night into the brand new year. Make sure you forget about all your stressful new years resolutions along the way ;-) CHEERS!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

All I want for Christmas...

..is the King. Happy Boxing-day everyone!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Sneak peak Heemstede

Thanks to Patty we can share a little sneak peak of the brand new Heemstede store... Hope you like it?

Thursday, December 23, 2010

We wish you all:

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


JUTKA & RISKA store number 4 is a fact!
If you want to experience our latest prodigy, please come over to Heemstede (NL), Binnenweg 4 (what a coincidence?!) and check out our new store. As soon as the photocamera can survive the snow, I'll put up some pics on the blog. Untill then, best thing you can do is take a dull afternoon to go to Heemstede and check it out yourself!

Yana loves Kenzo

While I'll be counting your votes, you can munch on these beautiful pics of our lovely and loyal customer Yana. This time she shows off her latest favorite item in the Antwerp store: this great colorful vintage Kenzo jacket (€250,-). To match the jacket, she's wearing a handmade Manjewell hairpiece (bird €15,-) and a faux fur headband/ear warmer (€29,-). Also the bracelets look awfully familiar, I guess she'd already bought the bracelets in our store a while ago. Big up for our Yana; thanks for sharing your great modeling skills!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Winter competition: please vote

Last week after writing my Sinterklaas poem and feeling sick of the sweets and chocolate letters I ate, I came up with the following idea: Let's have the 3 stores battle in a little frosty competition for the most creative, the most fun, the most warm and layered winter-proof look to match the slippery and snowy landscape outside. And hell, these stores reacted FAST. All striving to become this championship's winner, they went crazy layering their poor colleagues until they would suffocate. But you got to suffer to look fabulous, right? Now it's time for you to get your voting cards out and tell us which one of the contestants you like best. The winning store will receive life long honor and the incredibly desirable BLOG-trophy, so be careful who you vote for. Here are the contestants:

Semra wears:
vintage faux fur coat €59,-
vintage sweater €25,-
skirt €75,-
pink snowboots €120,-
bag (Mimic Copenhagen) €142,-
hat €18,-
see-through umbrella €9,-

Inge wears:
Jutka & Riska brown striped dress made by Tessa - fabric Veronique Branquinho €99,-
beige cardigan (Pepa Loves, almost invisible) €44,-
vintage grey brownish faux fur coat, now from €129,- for €79,-
vintage lightbrown/nude lamcoat (fur inside) €199,-
grey furry headband €10,-
pink scarf €19,-
black gloves €15,-

Veerle wears:
snowboots €120,-
legwarmers (in Chanelbag) €12,-
brown leather pants €29,-
bright pink sweater €25,-
bronze necklace 'heart' €7,-
beige cape-scarf €29,-
fur bodywarmer €55,-
white scarf €19,-
purple braided hairpiece €13,-
brown belt €10,-
black gloves €8,-

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sinterklaas Wishlist

Sinterklaas is back! This Sunday night we will sit around the chimney sipping on bishops wine and munching peppernoten and other sweets. I hope you all remember the songs and hopefully you've been nice, however a free trip to Spain does not sound bad to me at all at the moment. To make sure Sinterklaas will just come as well prepared as we will be ourselves and to help him out a little (the old man is not getting any younger), Veerle photographed her wishlist(s). So Sinterklaas, if you or one of your helper Pieten read this, remember, Veerle was not too naughty, but nice. She deserves this ;-) And so do all the other readers of this blog... right?

bracelets €6,- €20,-
necklaces €9,- €23,-
bow broche €8,-
panther broche €19,-
ring elephant €18,-
wallet €19,-
feather earrings €4,-
little swan €10,-
big swan €19,-
scarf 'mimic' €22,-

bracelets: €5,- €9,-
hat €18,-
ring olifant club 6,-
pink/blue watch ''item'' €19,-
necklaces €9,- €16,-
bow ring €30,-
owl ring 3,-
blue pineapple €25,-
bird hairpin manjewell €15,-
sunglasses €20,-
white ceramic hand €18,-
peacock earrings €4,-

bracelets €9,-€19,-
red bow €9,-
beatle earrings
broche frog €12,-
red necklace with fringe €12,-
wallet €13,-
shoes EU-size 38 €19,-
George Michael mirror €25,-

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Haarlem represent! Olga Nunnink

The weather these last few days just turned incredible! Global warming: YEAH right.... Freezing toes, haircuts that don't stand these low temperatures, have you also tried to lock your bike with your poor frozen fingers? Nevertheless there's one great thing about the polar climate entering our continent: we can finally show off our big, furry, warm winterproof coats! Just do like Olga: this way you will look just as gorgeous and fashionable while shuffling through the slippery snow covered streets coming week. Olga is a 23 year old stylist from Amsterdam and has a great fashion/style blog of her own which is definitely worth checking out while warming up with a hot cup of cocoa.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Laundromagical Daphne

Do you also remember going to do your laundry, wearing your sweatpants, the only clean over-sized t-shirt left in your closet and your roommates fleece jacket you don't even want to be found dead in? And then when your are bored to death sitting waiting for your garments to turn fresh and clean, all of a sudden that hot guy from around the corner shows up in the laundromat? And while hiding behind the laundry baskets, you promise yourself never to let this happen again, next time: dress to impress? Well, Daphne sure came prepared...Let the hot guys come on in!

Wanna look fab like Daphne?
Mimic Copenhagen striped scarf €22,-
hairy boots EU-size 39/40 €95,-
black shades €15,-
animal belt 'Andres' €39,-
playsuit horse print 'Sugarhill Boutique' €63,-
brown Gucci bag with wooden detail €350,-

Monday, November 8, 2010

InStore: Goodies!

Numnumnum..... just arrived: Delish eyecandy from Belgium. Forget about pralines and exquisite Belgian chocolate drops, cause these are just as sweet and the best thing: no calories whatsoever!

Wooden bracelets: €4,-/5,-
Club Manhattan bracelet: €20,-
Broche leafs: €8,-
Silver look ring frog: €18,-
Silver look rings: €13,-/7,-
Sunglasses ''Christian Dior'': €125,-
Woodcut birds necklace ''made by Noëmie'' €29,-
''Longchamp'' suede bag €195,-
Vase €25,-

And can you imagine my face when my mom told me she used to own a pair of these Christian Dior sunnies in green, but she threw them away years ago because she didn't like them anymore?!?!? So here's a little proposition for all of you fashion loving ladies reading this. Let's take a pledge for the generation ahead of us, making sure we won't have to deal with sad faces of our future daughters. Please repeat after me: I, (your name), solemnly swear, that I will safely store all extraordinary items I currently own for years to come. As soon as you have to start renting a Citybox, feel free to make a new selection ;-) Why didn't anyone come up with this 30 years ago?!

Monday, October 25, 2010

OnStreet: Magaly Hermans

I know, I've been slacking on posting for almost a month now, really sorry about that. We have just been crazy busy lately working on our website which will be online soon (I hope). Luckily the girls from the stores sent me these pics of a girl named Magaly Hermans. She makes jewelry here in Antwerp and bought a panther brooch at our store. The first thing that comes to my mind: Chanel winter '10 eat your heart out! She definitely makes me wonder what her own produces looks like...did not manage find your site, maybe leave us a link?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

OnStreet: Kanako Matsuo

More Asian fashion delight from our Belgian colleagues... wow, keep them coming! This stunning fashionista also studies at the Antwerp Fashion Academy. After visiting our store, she was willing to show off her latest purchase: the brown feathered hairpiece (which can also be worn as a brooch). Astonished by her looks, we forgot to ask her for her name, luckily she returned in our store the day after, so you can all have a close look at Kanako Matsuo's super cool style.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Autumn owls from Antwerp

These pictures really speak for themselves, let's not waist this precious space with worthless words: ADORABLE AUTUMN OWLS + Noemie = WOW!

€ 45,- black suede pumps
€ 23,- owl necklace
€ 77,- studded clutch
€ 5,- & € 8,- bracelets
€ 69,- vintage owlsweater
€ 25,- gold/black ring
€ 20,- heartring with wings

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

OnStreet: Sin Ae

Last week Sin Ae spread her wings in our Antwerp store. Not literally of course, but walking around on such cool shoes you simply can not stay unnoticed. Sin Ae is a 2nd year fashion student at the Antwerp Academy for Fashion and if it's up to us, we would like to give her a head start in school this year by giving her an A+ for wearing the most incredible footwear!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Antwerp special: Marvellous jackets

I think after receiving these pictures in our inbox, our e-mail will stay radiant for days to come. A big thanks goes out to our Belgian colleagues Ans & Veerle! They say tomorow we will need our grey raincoats again, untill then let's feast our eyes on these colorful treats!
Available in our Antwerp store right now:
Turquoise jacket Yves Saint Laurent 139 euro
Bright orange jacket (unknown brand) 75 euro
Light green jacket NATAN 125 euro
Hot pink jacket Yves Saint Laurent 150 euro
Colorful gloves, long (not leather) 22 euro
Black & white horses short (SugarHill Boutique) 45 euro (available in all 3 stores!)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

InStore(s) : One-off J&R accessories

Maybe you have already found them, maybe this little pic will fire up your curiosity or maybe you already are owner of a one of a kind jewelry piece we made in our own little attic atelier. The lovely Patty is showing some of them in the picture below. Since there is only one piece of every design, there will be different items to be found in all 3 stores. Please let us know what you think!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Manjewell bird got adopted

Dear followers, not to brag about ourselves, but we are very happy to see so many smiling faces visiting our stores. Thank you for sharing your positive energy with us. Every now and then a customers energy is remarkably positive such as the cute girl in the picture below. Doesn't she look beautifully radiant with her brand new Manjewell accessory in her hair? We are happy to see that this bird found a great new home! One last note for the lovely lady in the picture: Because of the buzz in the store, we forgot to write down your name properly, sorry for that, but thanks again for your generous smile and hope to see you again some time.

We got blogged!

Just as much as we ourselves are always looking for new content for our blog, Claire, a very nice lady from Elle, was at our Amsterdam store for some blogpost inspiration. And she sure wrote a super nice story about our stores! Thank you Claire for putting together such a lovely blogpost about us! If you are interested and you can read Dutch, you can read Claires full story on the Elle blog.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Yana loves Leonard

This is the beautiful Yana, a regular in our Antwerp store who was kindly willing to showcase this awesome floral Leonard sweater. The same colorful print can be found on the (school?!) bag held by the less lively mannequin in the picture below. Both are on sale in our Antwerp store LAST CHANCE to get them marked down from 125 euro to 109 euro (sweater) and from 75 euro to 65 euro (bag). Thanx Yana you have not only proven to be a valued customer, during this shoot you defenitely earned the title of Antwerps next top model. Next time we need a mannequin we know where to find you!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Kick off '10-'11

Today is the day: Time for a golden start of the new school year '10-'11. Have you decided on your schoolbag and a new favorite school uniform yet? We have had a shipload of new bags coming in last week, all big enough to fit your precious educational paperwork and cool enough to keep you from looking like a geek gone bad ;-) On top they totally fit in the most tight of students budgets. Most of the autumn collection is in stores as well, so as long as homework is slow, come in and check it out!

Monday, August 23, 2010

InStore: meet Veerle

The only good thing about holidays coming to an end is the fact that everyone goes back to school and we get to meet our NEW INTERNS!!!! Let me tell you about our latest rule: interns need to be introduced on the blog ;-) Meet Veerle, our super enthusiastic (Dutch) styling intern who went all the way to our Antwerp store for a challenging internship. An A for effort already ;-) and of course an A+ for your Stars 'n Stripes introductory pic. Dress (available in all 3 stores); €28,- // bag: all leather but sold already (sorry for slacking!) // striped scarf €22,- // 60's-shades €15,- . Welcome Veerle, happy internship!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

OnStreet: Shanice

Last week Shanice was checking out our Haarlem store. We liked her style, so we wanted to give all of you the opportunity to check her out:

InStore: Our very own bag lady Jiske

Jiske is the originator of the big YSL and Chanel fan totes. In the last couple of weeks she has proven to be a true specialist when it comes to making super cool one-ofs. As of today we are not only true fans of YSL and Chanel: Jiske can welcome her very own personal fanbase! Go Jiske, Go! We want more, we want more!!!
Wannna become a fan too? From now on no need to beg, steal or borrow, you can simply BUY these cuties in our Amsterdam store! And maybe you will be able to catch a glimpse of their maker? ;-)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Buckle up!

Ans sent us these pics from the store in Antwerp....and how we absolutely love this kind of stuff in our inbox! The fairytail feathery belt is available for 25 euro, the striped belt for 15 euro. They are both vintage one of a kind and only available in Antwerp. If you visit our Antwerp store feel free to give Ans a big high five: thank you Ans!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

When it rains...

....We buy umbrella's. And what are the incredible odds: while brightening up this grey day checking out Katie's wonderful blog, it appears she is rocking exactly the same umbrella as the ones we brought to our stores today (will arrive in Antwerp tomorrow)! As of tomorrow: You can stand under Katie's umbrella... and look just as fabulous in the rain!