Monday, August 29, 2011

Flamingo Love

Vermilion, orange, pastel orange, fluorescent pink, raspberry red, nude, salmon pink, red violet, rose, coral red, antique pink, fluorescent orange, burgundy, baby pink, ...

If you like one of these colors, you're in the right place! 

Skirt "Motel" € 32,50
Suede pumps "Supertrash" € 149,95
Flower rings € 7,- and € 5,-
Bracelet € 14,-

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Barbie's music our new decoration (and we LOVE it)

Monday, August 22, 2011

InPress: Glam-it fans

Jutka & Riska Antwerp is voted one of the best 100 addresses in Flanders!!


InSpire: Goodbye Interns!

It's been some time already, but never too late to serve you some intern input. All of our Dutch interns have left us just before their summer holiday started, but their bubbly personalities still linger around at our Amsterdam attic workshop.

Jenske is one of them, she studies styling and wanted to learn how to plan and organize an event. So that's exactly what she did: she took the lead in organizing the Fashion Week opening party in our Amsterdam store garden. We had a blast! I'm sure you have seen the post with too many pictures ;-)  What she also did is she styled all of her fellow interns and took the pictures below. Super lollipop Jenske style! Just as sweet as the girls them selves... please give it up for (from left to right): Stefanie, Savannah, Marjolijn and Jenske.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

InWindow: Softies and seventies

The times they are a-changing... 
Summer sale has moved to the back of the stores and new arrivals show up pretty pretty fast! Have a look at some of these new items in our Antwerp shop window.

Picture time!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

InTown: Jutka & Riska @ ArtVintageMARKET Rotterdam

Another temporary store was born: we really got the hang of popping up at other places so we decided to show our upcoming Skin, Denim and Spice collection on September 24 at ArtVintageMARKET in Rotterdam. Save that date! More about the upcoming collection will follow SOON.

Once initiated in a joint venture of BLEND with Contain.r MINI MALL will open its' doors to the public in September 2011. The mall is located under ‘the seven arches’ — the former train station Hofplein and will be hosting the ArtVintageMARKET including a small Jutka & Riska hide out. 

ArtVintageMARKET premieres on September 24 with a variety of contemporary art, ranging from fashion design to painting and interior designs. Up-and-coming, talented artists are showcasing their best to the visitors of ArtVintageMARKET. Affordable art and original designs and a bunch of vintage fashion presented in a vibrant habitat, something for you to visit? Entrance is free.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


As I already shouted out on facebook, ROPAROSA sept '11 arrived! Here are two dresses and a legging that we just received in our stores: the DIAMOND dress (top pics), ROCK dress and the ROCK legging (pics below). Solid pieces that give a whole new edgy flavor to the LBD. Good thing about the leggings is that they have extra long legs, so for all those lucky long-legged ladies out there, no more highwaters with the ROPAROSA rock leggings ;-)

Not only the garments are new, also the luscious feathery earrings are new in store (all 4 stores that is). They come for anything in between €4,- to €8,- in all kinds of colors, shapes and sizes.

Ans is wearing vintage boots from our Amsterdam store and holds a vintage handbag. The beige Jacques Heim (the late French couture designer) bag is €55,-, the pink clutch is €45,- both available at our Amsterdam store.



Friday, August 12, 2011

InDetail: Colourful scarves

Scarves can serve as more than a useful and stylish accessory. With the right know-how you can put your favorite scarf to work as a home decor power player. Nevertheless we ultimately prefer them around our neck, or tied to the straps of our bags. Since you could not see too much of the scarves in our InStore: New arrival part three post, here are some more detailed pictures.