Tuesday, September 25, 2012

OnWEBSHOP: The casual businesswoman

Do you like the " casual businesswoman " look?  Buy the whole outfit on our webshop! free shipping costs.

Webshop link -  Nugget of gold necklace €21,99 :http://www.jutkaenriskashop.nl/toon_artikel_details.asp?artnr=1.118

Webshop link - black hat €42,- :

Webshop link - VINTAGE gray blouse €29,99,- :http://www.jutkaenriskashop.nl/toon_artikel_details.asp?artnr=1.182

Webshop link - Gray glittering sweater €39,99  :http://www.jutkaenriskashop.nl/toon_artikel_details.asp?artnr=1.184

Webshop link - Blue leopard print skinny jeans €34,- :http://www.jutkaenriskashop.nl/toon_artikel_details.asp?artnr=1.181

Webshop link -  GUCCI black bag €349,99,- :

OnStreet: Can you handle more camo?


Andrea Frensch (24)

Andrea’s style proves that she really knows what’s going on in the fashion world.
 Andrea, a spontaneous creative and open minded girl who loves to travel around the world in her vintage blouse with own made studs. So Andrea, don’t worry, cause you enchant everyone with your outfit.

suggestion from our own WEBSHOP!:

Webshop link - leather skirt €59,- : 

Webshop link -  ring Club Manhattan €18,- :


Webshop link - vintage glasses RAY-BAN €69,- :

Webshop link - jeans short customized by JUTKA & RISKA €59,99 :

OnWEBSHOP: The mysterious look

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Webshop link -  
THIS IS LILY white wool cape €379,95,- :

Webshop link - 
Silver necklace with leaves €14,99  :

Webshop link - 
VINTAGE gray blouse €29,99,- :

Webshop link -  THIS IS LILY black trousers €159,- :

Webshop link -  Yellow soft tote bag €49,99,- :

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

OnEvent: Affordable Vintage Fair

WIEHOO we are there and really looking forward, you too? See you There! ♥ 

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/490695364290548/

New onWEBSHOP: tick tick clock tock

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Webshop link - Charming black asymmetric hat €42,- :


Webshop link - Brown shawl with clocks €12,- :

Webshop link -  VINTAGE black leather jacket €89,- :


Webshop link - Long blouse €29,99  :


Webshop link - THIS IS LILY black trouser €159,- :


Webshop link -  Boots till knee €109,99 :

InStore: Customized camo

This fashionable chick is super happy with her purchase, she scored a nice New JUTKA & RISKA Customized winter jacket. Enjoy it!

OnStreet: one of a kind IAN

This is Ian, he’s 22 years old and a student at the Dutch School Of Art And Design (for the Dutchies: HKU), where he's learning to become a game designer. His look is original and he loves to shop online, where you can find more 'one of a kind' pieces than in real life ;-) WE LOVE IAN.

suggestion from our own WEBSHOP!:

Webshop link - cardigan €25,- :

Webshop link -  JUTKA & RISKA customized Short with cross €55,- :


Webshop link - Glasses €10,- :


Webshop link - cross necklace €9,99 :


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New OnWEBSHOP: the must haves!

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Webshop link - Norwegian black and pink vest €25,- :

Webshop link - VINTAGE white blouse white lace €42,- :


Webshop link -  shawl With winterflakes and deer on it €14,- :

Webshop link - Golden bracelet with snake at front €14,99  :


Webshop link - CUSTOMIZED blue short jeans €59,99 :

Webshop link - Leather cowboy boots brown €75,- :

OnStreet: Oh oh camo from Rotterdam!

Kunya (18) and Ryuji (24) are a couple from Rotterdam, their looks were very well matching, and what we liked the most was the camo and the jordans they were both wearing, how cute! (first photo)
In our shop we also have some nice camo jackets, customized by ourself! (second photo)

Monday, September 17, 2012

new inWEBSHOP: Tigerrrr

New tiger earrings onWEBSHOP!!:


OnStreet: Pretty purple

The girl in the picture is Aanna, her appearance was immediately an eye catcher! Her purple hair is what we love the most. She was 18 years old and just started photography academy in Amsterdam. Lets hope this girl from Haarlem shows our city more of her daring looks!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

inTERN meet susanne:

Hi everyone! I'm Susanne a nineteen year old girl. Today was my turn to choose an outfit and introduce myself on the blog. For the location of the photo shoot we chose for Haarlem central station, not only my hometown, but also home of the Jutka & Riska store I'll be doing my internship for the next six months. I study in Utrecht at Nimeto, which is pretty far away from home, but still worth the 3 hours of travelling every day! Being able to use my creativity is what I love, and I’m always busy with creating new things, or thinking about creating new things.
I'm a last year student, which means I will be ready in just one year! My big dream(I'd love to make true) is to own my own styling company, but first travel to the 'big apple' for the 2nd time, which is the city I have fallen in love with last year.
My internship so far has been much fun, I already did a lot and got the opportunity to do styling for the fashion shoot and help at the fashion show in Haarlem!

What did I wear?

Scarf with stars €10,-
Real leather biker jacket €89,-
Trousers €39,-
Skull ring €9,99
Top by Femke Agema €49,-
Silver bracelet €17,99
Silver chain €15,-


Pictures of our AMSTERDAM FASHION WEEK event! 
Photo's made by BULLET MODELS!: www.bulletmodels.nl

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Event: Antwerp Fashion Night 2012

Did you already join our facebook event? RSVP-ed yet?

Just to make sure you know: We would love to see you Friday the 28th of september at our Antwerp store Nationalestraat 87:
We are going BIG during AFN_2012!!
We invited DJ's and we are providing free manicures, feather extensions and a free scarve (if you buy for 25€ or more). Bullet Models (an Amsterdam based model agency) will be there looking for YOU, pretty ladies (& gents)! see you there?
With love ♥ and with:
DJ Marc Jaycobs
DJ shoot the cat 
DJ Judo Club

Celebration starts at 17:00 (and will go on until around 22:00)!  P  A  R  T  Y 

A lot of new vintage arrived in store this week, perfect in time for Antwerp Fashion Night!!!


Pictures of our AMSTERDAM FASHION WEEK event - Photo's made by BULLET MODELS!:

Monday, September 10, 2012


The window in Haarlem has the ultimate autumn look! We combined the clothes in the window with typical Dutch autumn accessories like umbrellas. We have to make a confession; the weather is un-Dutch lovely this week, but you can't say no to the gorgeous colors autumn brings, right?