Thursday, July 28, 2011

JUTKA & RISKA spend a Day At The Park

Here's a little flashback: last Saturday we conquered rain and mud to spend a day at the park @ A DAY AT THE PARK. The Dutch dance festival also known as ADATP was held in the Amsterdam forest (Amsterdamse bos). On the festival terrain we found some shelter in a small area surrounded by trees and bushes. Together with the other Trash and Treasures participants, we turned our market stall into a rain-proof shelter and kept warm by dancing in the muddy grass wearing our super fashionable ;-) trustworthy jackboots. It was a long but super fun day, we got lots of positive reactions from festival visitors and sold accessories, hats, bags and animal t-shirts. Luckily almost everything we brought matched perfectly with the poncho trend that hit the ADATP area ;-). The vibe was perfect and since we were back-to-back with the main stage field, we enjoyed the best dj's all day long! Can I please get that playlist combined with the comfort of our store next time?

If you could not make it, or you did not find us hiding between the bush, here are some pics and a big 'Thank you!' for the organizing people of Trash & Treasures.

InStore: Getting ready for school

You can never start too early, proper preparations take time, right? Before you get a new agenda, pen case, and books, better make sure to find a bag to fit it all in. This Scottish flavored fellow might just be the one for you! If you want to wreck your back in style, you simply can't go without this old school plaited book bag. It can hold tons of books, but if you rather learn everything by heart, the bag is just as nice only holding your wallet, make-up, apple and mobile phone. It also comes in red, costs €54,95 and as of now both colors are available at all our stores.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

FashionWeek: Maryam Kordbacheh

Stunning. The way Maryam Kordbacheh (originally from Iran, hence the unpronouncable familyname) works the fabrics like a sculptor is simply astonishing.This is origami extraordinaire. Maryam creates her own patterns by molding, discovering new shapes along the way. We could not resist taking some extra pictures to make sure you can all get acquainted with her whimsical works. And as you can see by the amount of pics, we are also very fond of the accompanying footwear. A girl simply can't do without them ;-)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ultimate Sweepstake: Club Manhattan goodie bags

After cleaning up all the stuff from our fashion week party and everything we brought back from the Modefabriek we thought it would be nice to hold a little sweepstake for all of you who could not attend those events. Below you find 4 Club Manhattan goodie bags waiting for a new owner. We don't know what's in the goodie bags ourselves (they were wrapped and given to us by the lovely Judy from Club Manhattan). So we thought it might be good to give you a little overview of the kind of Club Manhattan accessories we sell in our stores. Since we sell a big collection, the goodie bag can contain items that are not in the pic below.

Here are the conditions to enter the sweepstake, this is all you gotta do:

1. like JUTKA & RISKA on facebook
2. like Club Manhattan on facebook
3. become a follower of our blog
4. write a comment to this post

We will draw the 4 winners of the goodie bags from all contestants on the 3rd of August. So if you enter and you are lucky, the goodie bag will be send to you! (until then, mister croc will take good care of them ;-)

InStore: In tha Pocket.

Pocket watch time! We have a whole collection of these elegant pocket watches, in all shapes, forms, colors, sizes and prices ranging from 10-20 euro's each.
You will always be on time with this classic watch on a 83,5 cm chain (full length). Available at all stores. The watch in the pics below costs €13,-.

Fashionweek: Favorite #2 BRAVOURE

Here's another one of our favorites from the Modefabrieks' cutting edge section: BRAVOURE.
Not only do these two ladies create fierce designs, they are also super nice girls extremely passionate about their work. Fabrics are pleated, see-through, delicate and flowy. Feminine silhouettes combined with strong native-theme accessories all designed by Patricia Hofstede and Kim Jansen. We love it! Hungry for more Bravoure? The ladies also keep their own blog: filled with inspirational images. Go check it out!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

FashionWeek: Cutting Edge groupshow @ Modefabriek

Like a precious wholesome creative isle in the midst of the busy yet slightly conservative fashion labels you could find the so called 'cutting edge' designers. This is the spot for inspiration, meeting passionate people and feasting your eyes on all that candy. They were kind enough to invite us to their group show. As a result of a strange kind of mistake I even ended up in front of all press photographers on the floor directly next to the far end of the runway, so I simply had to take some shots (as usual all photo's by ourselves unless stated otherwise). The next few days we will feature our personal favorites.

Starting with the label that we sold in our stores last season and we will sell again (!) next season: Roos van der Kamps' label ROPAROSA. She teamed up with jewelery designer and stylist Beatrice Jolly. We ordered several dresses: Lots of silk and leather straps, vibrant colors, clean lines and beautiful details. Just see for yourself.....

Monday, July 18, 2011

FashionWeek: Final day @ Modefabriek

Feeling incredibly happy and exhausted therefore I am blogging this straight from my bathtub. Don't get any funny thoughts, it's the poor legs that really needed some relief, a hot bath seemed like the best remedy ;-) And since I do not want to risk either damaging the MacBook nor electrocuting myself in the tub, it'll be a short post. Just to give you an impression of our last day at the fashion trade fair in Amsterdam. Tomorrow we'll put up a post + pics we took at the runway show of the group of cutting edge designers at Modefabriek today. Amazing show of collections by labels such as RopaRosa, Bravoure and many others. The water is getting cold now...gotta stop. Until then!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

FashionWeek: Rockin' the Modefabriek

Yeeehaaa! This must have been the most crazy pop-up Jutka & Riska so far. BUSY BUSY BUSY, fashion people everywhere all hungry for goodies that they can actually take home themselves instead of ordering stuff for their stores 6 months-1 year in advance. What a great vibe. Nevertheless we turned a little sad when we said goodbye to some of our personal favorites. Lucky enough the new owners were kind and willing to let us take one farewell photo (see below). We are pretty sure the girls will take excellent care of the coat/jacket, one thing is for sure: they look super cute in them!

Now time for a bath... revitalize our poor legs, because tomorrow we have another great day ahead of us. Feel free to stop by at our mini-store at Trash & Treasures in the Industry hall @ Modefabriek trade fair Rai Amsterdam. Hope to see you there!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

FashionWeek: Magna Plaza take-over

Pop pop pop pop! Here's what the Trash and Treasures pop-up store at the Magna Plaza looked like the past 2 days... Now we are moving on to the Modefabriek in the Rai, Amsterdam. If you are gonna be at the trade fair the next two days, make sure to check out our Trash & Treasures!