Thursday, May 26, 2011

InStore: Vintage sunnies

We found some stylish sunglasses this week... meet Céline, Daniël and André.
Better known as Céline, Daniël Hechter and Courrèges, 3 important French fashion designers.
Our dearest colleague Noëmie is showing them for you:

1. "Courrèges" € 55,-
2. "Daniël Hechter" € 55,-
3. "Céline" € 45,-

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

accessoire madness part 2

Like Henry Rousseau painted it so well, animals belong to the jungle. But sometimes tigers can belong to an arm!

Check out our tropic items in Antwerp:

Tiger bracelet € 8,-
Jungle bag € 45,-
Square scarf "Rodier" € 55,-

accessoire madness part 1

We took some pictures for you today, from our great "new found" "old stock" "jewelry".

Do we need to say more? Just look at these babies, imagine them on your ear and come visit our store tomorrow, it's so simple (and they are only € 5,-)


These wooden grumpy guys are € 8,- and the nerdy specs are € 10,- (we have them in different colors)

(I think summer's almost here!)

Monday, May 23, 2011

InStore: Cap-paillet

Now in our Antwerp store: soft cap with paillets € 29,-
Tomorrow more amazing accessories!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

OnStreet: Crochet Bycicle in Brooklyn NYC

We go places and see lots of cool stuff, but this bike really made my day. When we walked down the Brooklyn bridge, we spotted the bike that instantly beated all carefully decorated Dutch bikes we know so well. An amazing piece of crochet craziness! This bike had a colorful and snug attire that blew our minds. Turns out the bike is a piece by Olek, a Brooklyn-based crochet artist who works in colorful crochet, creating arresting moments of pop colors in the urban landscape. He even created a setting in which everything is crochet around (for more pictures/ info check out his website:

Wouldn't it be great to have a bodysuit like this?

Monday, May 9, 2011

OnStreet: Leandra

Loads of fresh style walking into our stores lately. And we keep our camera's close as you can see... Meet Leandra, a blogger from Utrecht shopping across the southern border in our Antwerp store. The jacket, the Lennon sunnies, the colors, the accessories, we love it all. She keeps a fashion blog with her friend Anousjka where great looking guys also get some blog space, which one is your favorite?

OnStreet: Jildau

On the day the Dutch celebrate freedom, Jildau celebrates her birthday! Thanks to the Dutch government, Jildau can celebrate her birthday to the fullest as the fifth of May is an official holiday for teachers. This year she spent part of the party shopping at our Haarlem store. No better day to treat yourself to some well deserved gifts, don't you think? Happy Birthday after party Jildau, thanks for treating us on your updated and stylish birthday suit!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

OnStreet: Mieke den Braber

It was really crazy when I found out that the girl I asked to pose for our blog appeared to be the same girl that just competed in our picnic competition! Here's Mieke while shopping at our Haarlem store, looking bright 'n sun shiny. Great look Mieke, hope to see a lot more of you in our future competitions!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

OnStreet: Michiyo Kuramochi

Let's show Japan some love... One of the treasures during our flea market quest on queensday: We ran into Michiyo on the jam packed streets of Amsterdam. Besides looking awesome and being really kind and bubbly, she was also selling some of her own designs. Her designs are all based on Michy's belief in sustainability, using used clothing to create incredibly intricate pieces of wearable colorful art. If you long for more where this came from, please check out her blog: or Originally from Japan, Michy studied fashion in New York city and then traveled to the Netherlands to proceed her studies in Arnhem. She will be move to London soon, so make sure to get your hands on some of her work before she left the country! (for inquiries, please contact Michiyo directly)

Competition: and the winner is......

............Diana zur Loewen!!!!

How picnic can it get? We all agreed, Diana completely hit the picnic vibe. In between sandwiches she will show you some hula-hoop tricks! The hoops won't fit, but all other picnic ingredients will fit perfectly into your brand new Mimic Copenhagen star tote. Congratulations Diana, as soon as you have mailed us your home address, the bag will be send to you.

Besides announcing the winner, we would really like to send our BIG thank you to all of you who surprised us with your most creative entries. We really appreciate your efforts and we hope to see much more of your great sense of style and fashion on our blog or in our stores soon!

Friday, May 6, 2011

On a colorful safari

This amazing belt arrived in the store today!
It's suede and oh i almost forgot, it's MOSCHINO!!! (€ 45,-)

Our lovely intern, Nathalie, was so nice to show off her best safari looks, with this beige playsuit (Motel, € 65,-) and vintage Lennon sunglasses (€ 12,-) it totally works.
Off course the hat (€ 12,-), tiger ring (€ 20,-) and gun necklace (€ 18,-) could not be forgotten.

See you in the desert ;-)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

InStore: HAPPY feet II

And we got more, just for you and your HAPPY feet: 

Bag € 29,-
Vintage sunglasses € 10,-
Beige pumps € 120,-
"Prada" open shoes, size 38 € 150,-
"Sergio Rossi" pumps, size 38 € 85,-
"Marc Jacobs" black/white pumps, size 40 € 190,-

(Sorry, Ferrari not for sale) 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

InStore: HAPPY feet

Can't beat the sexy and cute SuperTrash footwear that just arrived in our stores. VERY ladylike: rock your socks off, get a fresh pedicure and your feet will automatically start a happy dance ;-)
Pumps with small platform € 120,-
Pink flat sandals € 100,-
earrings € 20,-
necklace € 18,-

Monday, May 2, 2011

Competition: closed

Here are a few other great entries to our competition to finish it of. Some of the contestants keep great blogs of their own, I put the link next to their name if you want to check them out. Later this week we will announce the winner....

Diana zur Loewen from Germany:

Christin Ho from Belgium also has a personal fashion blog:

Mieke den Braber from Holland