Thursday, July 19, 2012

DATP: special offer for a special day!

The weather promised to behave itself this Saturday so make sure to be there, or just don't care...

If you DO care and love to PARTY:

1. Print this Voucher
2. Do not forget your tickets at home
3. Find the creative shopping area at the park (make sure to be there between 12:00-17:00)
4. Get 20% discount on all our stuff
5.  GET A FREE FESTIVAL SCARF (just in case the weather decides to turn on us ;-)

See you Saturday!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

AFW Report: Have A Little Faith - behind the scenes 1

Dear blogreaders, it's been an utterly exhausting time of year, but hell did we have a blast! When it looked like we were not going to make it, everything magically came together, thanks to all of you who dropped by the MC Theater to support us, the kind poeple of MC Theater who were so incredibly helpful and last but certainly not least our entire crew, of which each and everyone of you worked their butts off to create a shop, multiple shows, food, fun, drinks, music and a loving atmosphere all around.

THANK YOU: make-up artists, models, hairstylists, dressers, stylists, interns, designers, chefs, creative geniuses, fans, press, foodies, shop-a-holics, dj's, sales advisors, store managers.  We <3 YOU.

Here's the first batch behind the scenes pics. If you happened to miss the shows, this is basically the condensed static version of it ;-)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Have a little faith: Sneak peak 3

Finally! Sooo sorry for making you wait for so long, but we are simply swamped in the last preparations for the show and pop-up shop this Friday! ONLY 2 NIGHTS 'SLEEP'...
Here's peak into our source of inspiration, some snap shots I have promised you:

"Have a little faith"

Sunday, July 8, 2012

OnStreet: Who's that girl part two

Here's part two of our Friends with scarves duo ;-) 
Again, we have no clue who we are looking at here, but the whole relaxed, soft 'n comfy outfit vibe we really dig. Please leave a note if you know miss anonymous. So we can give her her name back ;-)


PS. Tomorrow sneak peak 3 of the "Have a little faith" fashion week event.... moodboards revealed. We are sooo excited it is ridiculous. And stressed beyond belief. But everything will be alright, they say.  (Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Have a little faith: introducing Cristel Ball jewelry (sneak peak 2)

Cristel Ball designed a limited collection to match our F/W2012 "Have a little faith" collection that is coming up. Cristel Ball is an online (Facebook) store, but she will be presenting and selling her latest special faith inspired collection at our Fashion Week Pop-up shop on Friday the 13th of July (14.00-23.00 hrs @ MC theater, Westergasterrein Amsterdam). How cool is that?!
Shine the silver and gold she found on the lonely island with her pirates from the Seven Seas. Cristel Ball makes all jewels by hand so you will have an ultimately unique piece. No one will ever shine the same! Cristel Ball also re-designs your old jewels, to turn them into new lovers. For the readers from far away, she ships all over the 7 seas ;-)

Here's a sneak preview of what to expect in our pop-up shop the 13th...<3


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Have a little faith: Sneak peak 1

Shooting the flyer and poster of this AFW edition's event we did not just create 2 images and leave it at that. Here's the result of the whole shoot, all credits go out to Max Vos de Wael (photography),
Model Annelotte @ Bullet Models and styling by Hannah van Dijck: thanks guys!

If you are still in doubt about what to wear to the pop-up shop/ fashion shows Friday the 13th, maybe this inspires you? Get all faithfull and bring a buddah, fatima's hand or wear an original Yiddish yarmulke. Not really into believing in higher powers? Have faith in yourself and come up with your very own inspiring outfit. We love creative looks!