Monday, April 26, 2010

Instore: Antwerp baby!

Last weekend felt like a true summer break to me. It was not just the sunny weather, the tank top temperatures, cool drinks on dreamy patio's, or the sight of the beautiful city of Antwerp....It was the super warm welcome I got from the lovely Flemish people that really made me feel like holidays (I can still hear Madonna singing in the back of my head). It kind of feels like walking around in the real life soap of the Pfaff Family. After running through most of the stock sales (stunning designer clothes for a little less unaffordable prices ;-) and checking out all stores on our to do list, we simply could not leave without saying hi to our favorite Belgian colleagues at JUTKA & RISKA Antwerp. Although it was a crazy busy Saturday afternoon in the store, all 3 squeezed out for a quick photoshoot with their favorite items from the store.

Ans claims she can not live without her custom made J&R ice-cream bag. Just as sweet is the vintage Chanel jacket that is currently available in the Antwerp store. If you really care for Ans, please feel free to buy it for her... she will show you eternal gratitude, no doubt.

Ilse supports her singing career by working at our Antwerp store. She loves to listen to her records and has a little vinyl collection of her own. The best concert she ever experienced was the Grace Jones concert she went to recently hence the Grace Jones record is the thing from the store she currently likes best. Unfortunately not for sale as all of our decorative pieces (80ties barbies and all) are not for sale, sorry folks! Her sunnies are probably her next favorite thing and those are still available at all J&R stores. I would love to attend a concert of our very own Ilse one day and could definitely imagine this pic on her album cover...

Noemi recently joined J&R Antwerp and straight from the start she got her eye on this vintage green Dior jacket (€95,- available in Antwerp as we speak). Especially matched with the Club Manhattan peacock feathered hair accessory and her beautiful shiny 'n curly black hair it makes a lovely image, don't you agree? The dog also really liked it he barked...

InStore: Shaded point of view

Have you seen these babies yet? Check out the legendary 80`s design by Cari Zalloni, don't you love their straight lines and design with flashy coloring? Run DMC used to rock them. These two are from the 900 series (907 and 954): Cazal's most rare and expensive oversized and aviator sunglasses. Manufactured in Germany from the finest materials. No worries, NO retro glasses but 100% vintage original. Cazal created its distinctive sunglasses style in the 80’s and quickly became famous for its extravaganza. Over and over, these legendary sunglasses can be seen in movies or music videos (especially Hip-Hop). They were brought into our store in Haarlem recently. A little bit of googling told me that they go for round about €400,- on E-bay and vintage sunglass sites. They are available for a mere €250,-(!!!!)... so if you long for a brand new vintage summer look, you better start saving!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

InStore: Mandy's Pick

Since a while now we have a lovely intern at the Haarlem store called Mandy. She's currently working on a very complicated dress. Once it's finished, I'll put it on the blog, for sure.
Until then, I would like to share with you another one of Mandy's favorite things from the store: meet this lovely fringed bag customized especially by our colleague Patty. This is one of a kind! I especially like it how the fringes wave in the wind just like Mandy's goldie locks. The bag is still for sale for €49,- at our store in Haarlem.

Monday, April 19, 2010

OnStreet: Cleo's bag took the train

All of us experience it every now and then... we see people in de streets wearing stuff from our stores. Sometimes it's an item from which we even remember who of us made or customized it. There is a story behind almost every single thing. This recently happened to our colleague Judith. She was waiting for her train at Haarlem station and got struck by a glimpse of Cleo's handmade one of a kind supercool bag -the one you might recognize from our photoshoot earlier- in the hands of it's new owner. A very cute girl waiting for her train on the opposite side of the tracks. Always comforting to know that this special bag ended up in good hands :-)

Monday, April 5, 2010

InPress: Cosmopolitan special

Stylist April Jumelet has used some of our stuff for the Wild at Heart shoot for Cosmo's Fashion & Beauty special Spring/Summer 2010

Spring is in the air!

Whooohaaaa finally the first sunrays are reaching planet earth and hell yeah, did we miss them! To hold on to them when the typical Dutch grey weather returns, we took some spring pics. Don't these cheer you up?


The higher the better... who does not long for those incredible long luscious legs?
Now we bring them to you at the very affordable price of €45,- (!) peeptoe, studded heel and platform + flowerdeco on the inside.


As we buy new stuff for all stores every week (shopping's basically our fulltime job... not bad eh?), there is always something you have not seen before. In Haarlem the majority of items enter the store on Wednesdays as some of you already know. Every now and then we find a split second to go through the bags and actually take some pics of whats new:

OnStreet: Spotted at Amsterdam Fashion Week

On Street: Spotted in Paris

OnStreet: Spotted in Berlin