Thursday, January 27, 2011

AIFW Down Town - the result

Tadaaah! As promised here is the result of our ladies hard labor. If you have not had the time to pass by our Amsterdam store yet, maybe the shop window can make you feel like paying us a quick visit down town during the last days of Amsterdam International Fashion Week? Sorry for the not so optimal light in the pic, but we could not manage otherwise yet. If you want to see more pics, Style Today already paid us a visit and wrote a wonderful post about it. And they wrote all about how we took the Birds and Nature theme that we translated into a Swan lake ballet inspired atmosphere.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

AIFW Down Town - the making of...

Jiske, Veerle, Tessa and Inge worked like crazy on our Amsterdam store window. We think they have done a marvelous job. Here are some behind the scenes pics, so you can see our creative ladies at work. Thanks for the good works! Fashion week, here we come! If you are curious for the result, check out the feathery fabulous fashion week window at our store. And keep an eye on the blog, the result will be posted soon!

InSpire: Dress like Rihanna

Sometimes a certain item just asks for a little style inspiration. That's what our colleague Cleo thought when she saw this bold striped Numph jacket entering our stores. To get some celebstyle going, Kim is showing off her Rihanna inspired outfit. And hell yeah, she's rocking it! But that can be expected from someone who is used to rock the stage as dj Miss Melara.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

OnStreet: Danjie Yan

All the way from China, studying in Paris. Then it is no wonder this international girl is doing her shopping in Antwerp! My Chinese is not what it used to be, but I just learned: Danjie Yan means traveling in style ;-)... an adorable and cool style at the same time.

AIFW Down Town 2011

Only 2 days to go! We are preparing our Amsterdam store to show you the goodies. If you are hungry for something new, be sure to make a quick pit-stop during Amsterdam International Fashion Week. 22-30 January 2011, opening hours as normal.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

InStore: Fingerlickin' good!

Armor knuckle ring €16,-

WOW! Love this time in which we no longer have to find a proper boyfriend to bejewel us with some serious finger frenzy. All you have to do, is give yourself a colorful manicure and subsequently top it of with some shiny bling-bling. We prefer the multi- purpose idea of the double rings that fit 2 fingers: in case of utter despair they can also serve very well as a surprising knuckleduster :-) All rings are currently available in our stores.

Delvaux bag in lizard/ostrich € 199,- ; Cross ring (double) € 15,-

Snake ring (double) € 25,- ; Alligator ring € 25,- ; Peacock feather earrings € 4,-

Cocktail ring (black, white and yellow) € 25,- ; Black/White scarf € 23,-

Ashley reports from our Haarlem store

Ashley is a young stylist, with a passion for fashion. Besides, Ashley's big dream is to host a TV-show. To make her dream come true, she is participating in the stylist contest of Fashionscene TV (Dutch show on commercial channel NET5). She choose our Haarlem store as the perfect location for her very own contribution to the Fashionscene TV talents channel. Curious? Check out Ashley's clip and give her your vote if you like it!

Onstreet: Marijn

Meet Marijn, one of the biggest fans of our Antwerp store and surprising enough, Marijn is from Tilburg, the Netherlands. Like the black Louis Vuitton bag he bought during one of his earlier visits, also this time he found something worth adding to his wardrobe: the diamond shaped black belt which looks super cool around his tailored jacket. We really like the geometric repetition of glasses and belt Marijn created in his look. But that's something we could have expected from an old fashion student, who currently works in a shoe store ;-) Thanks for posing for our blog and until next time Marijn!

OnStreet: Benjamin & Charlotte

Benjamin & Charlotte both study at the Antwerp Fashion Academy. We simply had to take their picture because we could not help but to love their color palette. I already feel excited to use it as inspiration for my own outfit tomorrow! All I need to do tonight is finish knitting an equally luscious, matching scarf...

Monday, January 10, 2011

Collect them all

We made some sweet little cards for our biggest fans, six different photos from our blog.
You can find them in our shops (Amsterdam, Haarlem, Heemstede or Antwerp) or if one of us catch u on the streets for a short photo-stop > cause we like your style < we give you one!
Good luck!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

START with a BANG: online!

Just checked off our first new year resolution: the one and only official JUTKA & RISKA website is online now!
Happy new year for all of you lovely people, may 2011 bring you love, health, happiness and lots of great fashion, style, blogloving and shopping! And while recovering from your champagne hang-over, please check out our brand new 2011 website.