Wednesday, November 30, 2011

InStore: Rubber Duck

Now available in our Amsterdam store, Rubber Duck ''Nubuck'' in the colours black and sand.
Price: €120 for € 109,99

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

OnStreet: Hannah and Lieke

Meet Hannah Hermans, she lives in Amsterdam and is a profesional illustrator. We just had to stop her on the street because of her beautiful coat that she made herself. On the right , standing next to Hannah is Lieke Romijn, she is a third year student at the Art Academy in Breda. It is alway nice to meet some creative people with their own style.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

InStore: Stocking up!

Shoes: stylists own
Cold feet?
Hope you like red ;-)
They reach up to your knees and are now available in Antwerp for only €5,- per pair.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Inspire: All we want for Sinterklaas...

We don't need much, but if you are really insisting on surprising us with a present in our shoes, here's a confine list of items we would feel incredibly happy unwrapping. Depending on budget and if we have been naughty or nice, please choose your pick from the list below.... An incredible THANK YOU SINTERKLAAS! will follow from the top of our voices.

What item do you copy directly onto your wishlist?

maroon suede clutch €32,-
rose ring €8,-
necklace with glasses €15,95
buckled bracelets €14,-
green lizard wallet €28,-
brown snakeskin print wallet €25,-
2x Club Manhattan ring big €24,95
vintage bracelet fine gold €13,-
Chain bracelet €14,-
rose bracelet €8,-
ethnic earrings €5,-
necklace with stone and fringe €23,-
earrings bronze €5,-
thorny ring €19,95
nerd glasses €10,-
wooden necklace €10,-
earmuffs €5,-
bag beige €32,-
shoes KLING €29,90
tube scarf stripes €16,95

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

InTown: JUTKA & RISKA @ Windowlickers, Rotterdam

Rotterdam, this weekend we are coming to YOU! It'll be a Saturday filled with vintage, art, fashion and party! Your last chance to do help Sinterklaas with gift shopping and do a little dance with your friends ;-) We are really looking forward to the event and hope to see all of your Rotterdam fashion chicks there! Come and lick some windows with us... or should we bring lollipops?!

OnLine: Lola Cupcake came to visit!

Suzanne Slee is the writer of the lifestyle infused blog "Lola Cupcake". She went on a trip to Antwerp and wrote all about it in her lovely blogpost on Antwerp and vintage, covering a couple of vintage stores in Antwerp including ours! We really like your post Suzanne, thanks a lot for letting us in on it.  If you want more pictures, please check her blog.


Inspire: Just a Perfect Day

Such a perfect day for a outdoor photoshoot. The sun is shinning so everybody is on the terras enjoying their drinks. This means nobody is walking or standing in the way and we have lots of space for making great pictures on the bridge. So Kim got dressed into a casual yet stylish outfit with a punk edge to it. We love to have more of these perfect photoshoot days.

Necklace spikey gold ''Club Manhattan'' € 29.95
Boots by Supertrash € 149.95
Ring/bracelet by 'Club Manhattan' €19,95
White leather coat by 'Valentino' € 399,-
T-shirt by 'Nous Vous' € 38,-
Pants vintage € 35,-

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

InWindow: For all Dutchies some pics from the colorful south

Soon the Sint will enter our stores, so we already started dressing up the shop windows to his liking (we think, of course you are never sure). Of course we are aiming for a little pressy in our shoes ;-) In the mean time we hope you will like it too. Primary colors, games, accessories and some cabbages for his horse? We hope horses read STOP signs just as well? Time to get some carrots and sugar lumps out for our next post, to enhance our chances ;-)

Tomorrow we will put our little wishlist on the blog!

InStore: Spell it out? m i s s o n i

I guess there is no need to spell it out for you: These incredible Missoni earrings and bag are in our Antwerp store right now!

Missoni Bag € 120,-
Missoni earrings (clip-on) € 55,-

Monday, November 21, 2011

InSpire: Glitzy pants, miumiu bag and more

It's about time for another jolt of inspiration. And since the holidays are approaching fast, here is Ans' and Veerles' approach to a stylish outfit for a festive yet comfortable fun family dinner night. With a little help from the last Indian Summer sunbeams the trousers look even more glitzy, but we can assure you, the candlelight at the dinner table will do the same trick! Do you already know what you are gonna wear during the Holidays? If worse comes to worse, you can always just stick on a white beard and wear you red bathrobe: nobody will notice ;-)
Bracelet € 14,-
Feather earrings € 6,-
Trousers € 65,-
Sweater "Junior Gaultier" €65,-
Black tanktop € 24,95
Bag "Miu Miu" € 550,-
Sunglasses € 10,-
Shoes "Supertrash" € 139,95