Thursday, October 27, 2011

InTown: Jutka and Riska @ Magna Plaza

We are officially open @ Magna Plaza. Here is a little sneak peak of how it looks after all the hard labor. More pictures will follow soon , so please be patient. Can't wait to see our brand new store? Feel free to stop by anytime.
The Magna plaza store will be opened everyday

Monday 11.00-19.00                                                                                         

Tuesday 10.00-19.00

Wednesday 10.00-19.00

Thursday 10.00-21.00

Friday 10.00-19.00

Saturday 10.00-19.00

Sunday 12.00-19.00


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

InStore: Keep that consignment coming!

Lovely labels non-stop, we adore all of the wonderful vintage items that enter our stores through consignment of our valued customers. And we are ready for more! As you probably already know, we offer to sell your special items under consignment. The temperatures are getting lower so please go through your winter wardrobe to check for beautiful items from the seventies or the eighties, or pieces from high-end labels? Still in good condition and clean? And are you ready to part with them? Feel free to visit a JUTKA & RISKA store near you, or contact us to get more information on the terms and conditions for selling your stuff in one of our stores. Positive side effect: The new space in your wardrobe and the revenue from selling will allow you to stock up on great new warm winter items!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

OnLine: Brenda from givelivelovelife at Magna Plaza

At our opening afternoon last Saturday we ran into Brenda, blogger from givelivelovelife who was eager to check out our new store. She wrote a super nice post about her JUTKA & RISKA @ Magna Plaza experience plus she bought a really cool vest (which is available in various colors at all our stores and costs €25,- (!)). Thanks Brenda for stopping by and keeping up your great blog. If you are interested to read for yourself (or see more pictures!), please go to her blog and scroll down to her post of Monday October 17th called Mixing Prints. Our apologies, but somehow it appears impossible to create a direct link to the post... 


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

InStore: Beautiful bag x2

It's been a while since we first mentioned that we are in the process of building our own web shop... well, we are still working hard to get everything ready for the launch. To give you a little idea of what kind of stuff you will be able to find on your online JUTKA & RISKA shopping spree, here's two of our favorite examples. If you are fast you can get them before the launch at our Antwerp store. The small round bag is €45,- the woven bag €89,-.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

BEHIND THE SCENE @ Jutka & Riska photoshoot

Here is a little sneakpeak behind the scenes @ our photoshoot for the FEE webshop. Of course we will do almost everything for some fabulous pictures. Even if it means standing on a little boat in dangerously high Prada heels in the freezing cold. The customized denim dress that Kim is wearing is available in the FEE concept store and shop. Stay tuned for the next post for more exclusive behind the scene photo's.

 Denim blouse customized by Jutka and Riska, €69,-
 Prada heels price on request
 Leg warmers €12,95
 Necklace birdcage Friss and company €16.50
 Ring €12,- Second female
 Headgear €9.95

Monday, October 17, 2011

OnStreet: Eva & John

Spotted in our Antwerp store: Eva and John. Talking about an international get-together: Eva is a fashion buyer (dream job!) from China, she works for a multi brand store in Hong Kong and currently lives in Milan. After traveling by all fashionweeks one after the other, with the grand finale in Paris, she decided to pay Antwerp a little visit. Eva told us she has a blog herself, our dear Ans even posed for a picture, but we have no idea what the URL is.... So Eva (or John) if you are reading this: please post your URL as a comment to this post, we are curious!
PS. We love your style.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

InTown: Jutka & Riska @ Magna Plaza PICS!

Here's some snapshots of our new shack under construction. We love how it is turning out and we are very curious what you think of it... please feel free to stop by and let us know! Wanna have a look yourself? Ground floor Magna Plaza far right corner opening 14.00 hrs TODAY! Love to see you all ;-)

Friday, October 14, 2011

InTown: Jutka & Riska @ Magna Plaza AMSTERDAM!

Sorry for this very brief and image free post, but we are currently working our asses off on our latest asset on the store front: an incredible temporary store in the Magna Plaza shopping centre! The renovations are still in full swing as we speak, so we are sorry to say that you will have to wait until tomorrow for the first pictures of our new place on the blog.

If you want to see for yourself, tomorrow 14.00 hrs we will open our doors on the ground floor of the Majestic Magna Plaza building in the right end corner. The new store is jam packed with brand new vintage finds, so defenitely worth a visit!

The Magna Plaza store will - from tomorrow on - be opened every day:

Monday      11.00-19.00
Tuesday      10.00-19.00
Wednesday 10.00-19.00
Thursday    10.00-21.00
Friday         10.00-19.00
Saturday     10.00-19.00
Sunday       12.00-19.00

See you soon? Now back to work...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

OnTrend: "Dip and dye honey pie"

This seems to pop up everywhere, so I guess we can speak of a dip-n-dye trend? It sure gives your natural cute appearance a colorful well-deserved punky edge to it. We love the combination with super feminine lace, powdery dresses, although it also works well with your tomboy outfit or strong and sexy look. The dip-n-dye is perfectly suitable for a DIY approach. So if you feel your fingers itching to add some color to your lifeless ends, please check out Styling Dutchman's DIY tutorial.
And if you cannot choose what color to dip into, you can always opt for a hairy bag instead.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

InTern: Meet Maruschka

Maruschka got her visual merchandising diploma this year and is here to style our webshop. She loves to wear colourful outfits and a lot of accessories. Next year she will start a brandnew styling study and hopefully a job to match. Welcome Maruschka and we love the colours of your outfit.

Legging panther Rut. M. Fl. €19,95
Dress Customized by J&R €55,-
Coat green Kling €84,95
Belt paars €12,-
Bag Kling €199,99
Gloves knitted €12.95
Turtle ring €25,-
Ring red stone €19,95
Peacock earrings €4,-

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

InTern: Meet Nikki

It's tradition to introduce every intern in a hand picked Jutka & Riska outfit. So meet our intern Nikki, she is 21 years old and studies fashion and design support. She hopes to turn her study into her job. Check out the boots she is wearing, customized by her personaly. Keep on customizing Nikki, you rock!

Pants €54,99
Blouse Soaked in Luxury €69,95
Vest €25,-
Boots Customized Jutka & Riska € 79,95
Jacket Customized by Jutka & Riska €89,-
Belt €12,-
Hat €21,95
Ring (stars) €10,-
Necklace Deer skull €11,99
Ring Cross (dubble) Club Manhattan €17,95
Ring stone €5,-

Friday, October 7, 2011

Animal Parade Flashback

Remember AIFW last summer? 
We found some leftovers from the party, sweet enough to parade on our blog. Yay!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

InStore: New Club Manhattan Feather Earcuffs

Today Marieke decided to visit our store during her break from work. She noticed our new jewelry collection of Club Manhattan and bought the feather earcuff. Good choice Marieke and hope to see you on your next break!

Also available in our store Club Manhattan silver earcuff €17.95

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

InTown: Jutka & Riska @ ArtVintageMARKET Rotterdam

Neat vintage clothing, inspiring interiors, modern arts, trendy people and a lot more. That was jam-packed together in the MINI MALL at the ArtVintageMARKET in Rotterdam. We were ever so pleased to welcome loads of visitors into our temporary store. Here are some pics of our little instant store. The light was not forgiving, so apologies for some of the pics. As you can see, even our super loyal canine companion joined us, guarding the store, wearing a very distinct hat for the occasion.

Here some pics of the other miniatures stores at the ArtVintageMARKET. So much design furniture that was just to die for, we are lucky to still be alive ;-).

In the MINI MALL we ran into some young designers. First is Hanneke van Leeuwen,. a.k.a. Dearhunter. She is a Rotterdam based designer of jewelry and bags. Finding her real love in fashion she recently developed her own accessory-line. We can't help but feel true love for Dearhunter Accessories! Isn't her stuff amazing and whimsical? For more information, please visit

Then we met Mariska Mell (work below). Mariska is an Amsterdam based interior designer. She likes to combine applied design with autonomous art. All her creations are developed through a process of researching, experimenting, trial… If you wanna see more of Mariska’s work, please visit