Thursday, April 28, 2011

InStore: I need a BAG x3

Here are a few new precious bags from our Antwerp store, we like them all!
Which one do you prefer?

Brown bag € 45,-
Horse necklace € 20,-

Leather bag "Louise Fontaine" € 75,-
Baby blue belt "Laurèl" € 35,-

Bag € 35,-
Gun necklace € 18,-

Let's all sing together:
I need a man BAG

Monday, April 25, 2011

Competition: please send us your picture before May 1st

Our first male contestant (!): Ryan van Lil.
Awesome style we see here, but from his e-mail it seems that Ryan is more eager to win a job at one of our stores than to win the Mimic Copenhagen bag. Just walk by one of our stores and fill out a "sollicitatie formulier" (job application form). Job openings come and go, so make sure to check our website every now and then.

Thanks for your great entry Ryan. Best of luck on your job hunt!

Competition: please send us your picture before May 1st

Here's another creative contestant: Anne Marijn. She writes us about her husband Petrovskj who cheated on her, now her life's in shambles. She has trouble sleeping, eating, drinking, taking showers or even getting dressed, for weeks now. The only thing she does is crawling up and tumbling down stairs. In this picture we see her crying, drunk and dying back in the outfit that she has not changed ever since. The only thing that might cheer her up is that fabulous Mimic Copenhagen star tote?
Great work Anne Marijn, hope you feel a little better already now that your picture is featured on our blog. Just keep your eye on it to find out who will win!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

InStore: The skulls are back

We have them back in our stores again, the skull scarves (€ 8,- in different colors), here combined with a fluor pink bag & belt (€ 29,- and € 15,-). This all on top of the great FREE paper mag GLAMCULT. Enjoy!

When birdie met goldie

What to know about the history of necklaces:

"Archeologists believe the necklace was born during the stone age about 40,000 years before then previously believed.
April 2004, scientists were excavating a cave in South Africa discovered forty-one mollusks that may have been struck as neck jewelry about 75,000 years ago."

What to really know:

The birdies you can find in our Antwerp store only, the goldies you can find in all four of our stores.

(Birdie 1: € 25,-)

(Birdie 2: € 25 ,-)

(Goldie 1: € 30,-)

(Goldie 2: € 25,-)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Competition: please send us your picture before May 1st

Here's Gabrielle's double entry: it's her and her alter-ego dressed in lovely graphic dots and stripes. Both would go great with the patent stars on the Mimic Copenhagen star tote. Thanks for sending in your picture Gabrielle, may the best outfit win!

If you are still doubting to enter this competition, we hope that these pictures will convince you to get your camera and have some fun dressing up... we are still accepting new contestants until the first of May!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Competition: please send us your picture before May 1st

The big JUTKA & RISKA picnic competition is still ongoing! Some people misunderstood the rules to the competition: please send us a picture of YOU in your favorite outfit. So no pictures from other blogs or magazines ;-)

You can still send in your picture to until May 1st (01-05-2011).

This week, we will be posting some of the inspiring entries we received so far: make sure you send in your own to win the Mimic Copenhagen star tote!

Here is Sarah's entry, a visual love letter to IKEA she writes... maybe that's where she bought her picnic gear? Now all she needs is the star tote to carry it around.
We love the color blocking! How about you?

OnStreet: Stephanie

Ici, c'est Stephanie de Paris... That's it for my French, I'm tres sorry ;-) Here's Stephanie from Paris (I guess you got that already) looking bright and shiny with her fluo FURLA bag. A great bag if you like to travel like Stephanie, especially in springtime. On top, it fits perfectly with all kinds of shopping bags as you see... Of course it's not only the bag we like, the whole look, your subtle mirrored glasses, the boots: Stephanie, thanks for adding some french flavor to our blog. Safe travels!

OnStreet: Mia Kovacevic

Meet Mia, she was shopping in our Antwerp store and was happy to model the ring she just purchased for us. On her quest for the Club Manhattan armor knuckle ring, she will soon visit our other stores. I hope you'll find it Mia and enjoy your shopping spree!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

OnStreet: Elodie

Haarlem presents their favorite fashionable customer of the day: Elodie. She's from Haarlem, 15 years young, likes to combine vintage with new, some pieces from her sisters and her sisters boyfriends wardrobes. Tapping various sources, she tries to create a new look every day. We really like the color palette and the clash of all the different prints. You go girl!

Of course this clothing swapping is a very smart and affordable way to double the size of your wardrobe. I'm wandering: Do you also lend stuff to/from others? Or even share a wardrobe with your sister/ best friend? Who has the coolest stuff and what do you wear more often than it's original owner?

Friday, April 8, 2011

Win a Mimic Copenhagen star tote!

Have you got any plans for upcoming weekend? One thing you simply can't go without is enjoying the SUN! This weather is really amazing and works so uplifting! That's why we were thinking it would suit this spirit to give something away, a great bag that fits all necessities for a long afternoon in the park with your friends or just on your own relaxing with a good book.

However this Mimic Copenhagen star tote (sold at our stores for € 64,-) does not come to you for free, you have to put a little effort in. Please e-mail a picture of your best, most stylish en most competitive combo you (would) wear when you hit the park to Do not forget to add your name and the vital contact info so if you become the winner, we know who to send the bag to!

So how about a little photo shoot on this weekends' schedule? Here's some inspiration for all of you.
Now enjoy the sun and be creative!

jumpsuit Leonard € 195,-
sandals € 43,-
ring € 9,-
bag Mimic Copenhagen € 64,- (!free for the winner!)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

InStore: Fab Ans & Karl

Here's our dearest colleague Ans, who is working it big time, expanding her modeling skills each time she appears on the blog... She was sooo incredibly excited about these new items that she jumped for joy while showing them all together. This super colorful combo suits perfectly not only to the graffiti wall, but more importantly to this summery weekend. To keep this vibe until we reach the next warm weekend days, I will wear something just as colorful, do some vintage shopping, paint my toenails ocher and sip on strawberry daiquiris. What's your strategy to get through the rainy days?

Shades € 10,-
Wedges € 109,-
Graffiti pants 'JC de Castelbajac' € 39,-
Shirt 'Karl Lagerfeld' € 85,-
Belt € 17,-
Bag 'fab' € 219,-