Monday, April 26, 2010

InStore: Shaded point of view

Have you seen these babies yet? Check out the legendary 80`s design by Cari Zalloni, don't you love their straight lines and design with flashy coloring? Run DMC used to rock them. These two are from the 900 series (907 and 954): Cazal's most rare and expensive oversized and aviator sunglasses. Manufactured in Germany from the finest materials. No worries, NO retro glasses but 100% vintage original. Cazal created its distinctive sunglasses style in the 80’s and quickly became famous for its extravaganza. Over and over, these legendary sunglasses can be seen in movies or music videos (especially Hip-Hop). They were brought into our store in Haarlem recently. A little bit of googling told me that they go for round about €400,- on E-bay and vintage sunglass sites. They are available for a mere €250,-(!!!!)... so if you long for a brand new vintage summer look, you better start saving!

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