Monday, May 10, 2010

InStore: Tessa meets Dries

OMG! Tessa went completely wild on the sewing machine with some of her brand new designs and various lovely Dries van Noten fabrics we bought at the stock sales in Antwerp just recently. It's all 100% silk. And don't these dresses look scrumptious on our brand new intern Lucy?

Oh, and the shoes?! Hello, how could I forget about them... Available in sizes 36-41 in our stores in Amsterdam and Haarlem. Good reason for our Flemish friends to plan a city trip to the Netherlands ;-) Sorry about that. According to Lucy (an experienced high heeler) these wedges are incredibly comfy AND SEXY!


  1. Jammer van dat randje kant aan de legging :S

  2. This outfit is extraordinary, I love your sense of style! And the jewelry is beyond perfection!

    Keep blogging!

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