Monday, August 23, 2010

InStore: meet Veerle

The only good thing about holidays coming to an end is the fact that everyone goes back to school and we get to meet our NEW INTERNS!!!! Let me tell you about our latest rule: interns need to be introduced on the blog ;-) Meet Veerle, our super enthusiastic (Dutch) styling intern who went all the way to our Antwerp store for a challenging internship. An A for effort already ;-) and of course an A+ for your Stars 'n Stripes introductory pic. Dress (available in all 3 stores); €28,- // bag: all leather but sold already (sorry for slacking!) // striped scarf €22,- // 60's-shades €15,- . Welcome Veerle, happy internship!


  1. leuke blog is dit!
    en de winkel in haarlem is ook geweldig!
    check my blog:

  2. Leuk leuk leuk!

    Ik kan niet wachten tot volgende week, Amsterdam here I come!

    Liefs Inge