Monday, March 28, 2011

InStore: Glamorous and Glossy - vintage magazines

Every now and then we get our hands on these sought after vintage fashion magazines from the '80-ies. We love them, it's just too bad that they are so hard to find. Since we heard there's many of you who either collect them or use them as source of endless inspiration, we now made them available for you in our Antwerp store. The numbers are small and the prices are well below the prices we see pass by on E-bay (up to around €100,- per magazine!). Currently we have 5 super cool British VOGUES (€ 20,-) which include 2 September issues of 1983 and 1989. On top, we have 7 French GLAMOUR magazines (€ 15,-), the exact issues you can find in the pics below. And don't forget to keep your own current collection of 2010-11 issues, you might long for them 30 years from now!


  1. OMG I've been wanting the November 1988 issue I think it was... Where can I find these magazines in Toronto,Ontario, Canada???I have to know

  2. Hi Zahirah,
    Although I happen to know my way around T.O., I have no clue as to where you could get these magazines. My best best guess would be searching thrift stores and garage sales to get them at a reasonable price (online the tend to get pretty pricey).
    Anyone else has another idea?
    Good luck on your search!

  3. That is so great!
    Think they're gone within a day though..
    Keep some for Amsterdam ;)