Friday, April 8, 2011

Win a Mimic Copenhagen star tote!

Have you got any plans for upcoming weekend? One thing you simply can't go without is enjoying the SUN! This weather is really amazing and works so uplifting! That's why we were thinking it would suit this spirit to give something away, a great bag that fits all necessities for a long afternoon in the park with your friends or just on your own relaxing with a good book.

However this Mimic Copenhagen star tote (sold at our stores for € 64,-) does not come to you for free, you have to put a little effort in. Please e-mail a picture of your best, most stylish en most competitive combo you (would) wear when you hit the park to Do not forget to add your name and the vital contact info so if you become the winner, we know who to send the bag to!

So how about a little photo shoot on this weekends' schedule? Here's some inspiration for all of you.
Now enjoy the sun and be creative!

jumpsuit Leonard € 195,-
sandals € 43,-
ring € 9,-
bag Mimic Copenhagen € 64,- (!free for the winner!)


  1. Is er al een winnaar bekend? Ik houd het niet meer van de spanning! :)

  2. Hoi Leonie,

    Je kunt nog tot 1 mei meedingen naar de Mimic Copenhagen star tote.