Monday, August 22, 2011

InSpire: Goodbye Interns!

It's been some time already, but never too late to serve you some intern input. All of our Dutch interns have left us just before their summer holiday started, but their bubbly personalities still linger around at our Amsterdam attic workshop.

Jenske is one of them, she studies styling and wanted to learn how to plan and organize an event. So that's exactly what she did: she took the lead in organizing the Fashion Week opening party in our Amsterdam store garden. We had a blast! I'm sure you have seen the post with too many pictures ;-)  What she also did is she styled all of her fellow interns and took the pictures below. Super lollipop Jenske style! Just as sweet as the girls them selves... please give it up for (from left to right): Stefanie, Savannah, Marjolijn and Jenske.


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