Wednesday, September 28, 2011

InPress: & NL20

Spotlights on Amsterdam! We received an e-mail from Serena Verbon, editor of who just so happened to stumble upon our Amsterdam store and wrote a very nice blogpost about her finds. Thank you Serena! We are glad you found us and enjoyed your unexpected shopping spree.

But there was more Amsterdam InPress this week: Lianne sent us and email to fill us in on a full page article about 'Topvintage' at our Amsterdam store in the 19th edition (14-27 aug 2011) of the free Amsterdam city magazine NL20. This whole issue of NL20 seems to focus on lots of fashion related stuff, which really makes it a fun read. For the people from outside Amsterdam, or if you just missed this issue: they also publish it online, here. Just click this link, then double click the magazine on their site so it pops up full screen and find Jutka & Riska on page 23. Thanks Lianne, we greatly appreciate you let us know!

Luckily we're usually well informed concerning publications about our stores, but still every now and then we run into stuff in press/online we are not aware of. Since we are rather curious, we would like to ask for your help. If you happen to stumble upon any one of our stores mentioned anywhere, it would be great if you could drop us a line. Please mail to blog (at) jutkaenriska (dot) com. The best tip/link will be rewarded with a Club Manhattan accessory.


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