Tuesday, October 18, 2011

BEHIND THE SCENE @ Jutka & Riska photoshoot

Here is a little sneakpeak behind the scenes @ our photoshoot for the FEE webshop. Of course we will do almost everything for some fabulous pictures. Even if it means standing on a little boat in dangerously high Prada heels in the freezing cold. The customized denim dress that Kim is wearing is available in the FEE concept store and shop. Stay tuned for the next post for more exclusive behind the scene photo's.

 Denim blouse customized by Jutka and Riska, €69,-
 Prada heels price on request
 Leg warmers €12,95
 Necklace birdcage Friss and company €16.50
 Ring €12,- Second female
 Headgear €9.95

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