Friday, December 2, 2011

OnScreen: Our film debut

It's unbelievable but true, we never wished for a career in the movies but we are glad we can share our very first time on screen with you ;-) Even though we do perform all our own stunts, don't expect too much spectacle. The films are fun though, anything you always wanted to know about the city of Antwerp featuring our store on the Nationalestraat. If you won't be hanging out in the lobbies of Antwerp hotels any time soon, you can check the clips online:
Clip JUTKA & RISKA:  (sorry please copy and paste URL because for whatever strange reason the link does not seem to want to work)


  1. De linken werken niet :)

  2. he J&R, jullie link van de clip is nog steeds niet goed, maar deze wel;

  3. Ojee, dank voor je opmerkzaamheid. Ik zal jouw URL erin plakken. Nu maar hopen dat dat wel goed uitpakt. Groet!