Wednesday, April 11, 2012

InSpire: Summery Silk

Hey guys, I know I told you about our little photo shoots, here is the first post. Veerle is wearing an
ALL SILK summer outfit. Because as soon as temperatures start rising, silk is one of the most comfortable breezy materials to wear. At this point we always feel like re-mixing and matching stuff from our closets just to see how far we can stretch the possibilities of what we already have. Somehow you always come up with completely new combinations if you just add one or 2 great items. We like to combine the RopaRosa shorts with hot pink accessories and a graphic black and white print blouse. Classy with heels, casual with these old school boat sneakers.... LET THE SUN SHINE!

Silk shorts "Roparosa" € 99,95
Studded waistcoat € 65,-
Silk blouse "Krizia" € 75,-
Sneakers (size 38) € 25,-
Apple necklace €14,95
Mask necklace € 8,-
Pink leather clutch € 39,95

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