Friday, May 4, 2012

InTown: MOVING from Magna Plaza to Haarlemmerdijk 143

Everybody has been working so incredibly hard that we will be able to move soon! Here some save the dates:

Saturday 5th of MAY 10:30 hrs (TOMORROW!) our brand new Haarlemmerdijk store (#143 in Amsterdam, NL) will open its doors for the very first time!

The store will finally be completely finished on Wednesday the 9th of May and the official opening party will take place on Friday the 25th of May with the second edition of our Scout Night Out.

Monday 7th of MAY at the end of the day (19:00 hrs.) our Magna Plaza store will close its' doors to never open again :-(

On one hand it is VERY sad that we have to leave our temporary store at the Magna Plaza, on the other we are super happy and excited to announce the opening of our new store in Amsterdam at the Haarlemmerdijk 143! This one is to stay, at least this is no pop-up deal, this is the real deal ;-)

So please, if you have not seen our new store with it's 'coming so(o)n' sign yet, make sure you pass by this Saturday so you can have a look inside. And maybe use one of those coupons that you got at one of the other stores to receive a discount on your purchase at our HAARLEMMERDIJK 143 store?

Our new interns Megan and Melissa are already on the move ;-) Love to see you Saturday!

Sneak peak of our new store interior @ Haarlemmerdijk 143, still working hard to finish everything in time....

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