Sunday, November 18, 2012

InTERN: Michelle Hoek & Sharon Jochemsen

Let us introduce you Michelle hoek & Sharon Jochemsen! The clothing on the pictures are made by them, a petite look into our new summer collection!

My name is Michelle Hoek, and for my final assignment as intern at JUTKA & RISKA I choose to remain faithful to my own ultimate desire when it comes to clothes. A relaxed fitted, slightly shabby looking, bohemian styled look. I get inspired trough different cultures, music and free minded people.
“I find mystery more attractive and interesting than an extravagant form of sexuality”
For me the Japanese Kimono is a garment full of mystery and feminine elegance. I’ve designed three different Kimono’s.
One for the upcoming winter season, you can style this garment easily by wearing it for example above your favourite leather jacket. The second one is for adding a mysterious twist to your party outfit. And last but not least, a typical rock/bohemian colourful eye catcher. This kimono will get you through the cold winter easily without any winter depression. A must have for people who like to shine.

Hello, my name is Sharon Jochemsen, I’m doing a internship at JUTKA & RISKA, as final assignment as intern they give me the job to design a new garment for the JUTKA & RISKA collection.
As theme I wanted to design a dress for the upcoming holidays (Christmas and New Year), my style is very edgy and dark and I combine that with elegant & glassy details. I love to accentuate the female forms. So that’s the reason why I designed a sleeveless maxi- dress with a low cut back and a high cut neckline. The sleeveless maxi- dress was my first design and I made three variations on that one.
-         One maxi- dress with sleeves and beautiful lace on the bottom.  A dress knee length with sleeves and a striped top with sleeves. The pictures will give you some inspiration how to combine this dress, to create a beautiful style for the upcoming holidays and special occasions. I hope you enjoy it!

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