Monday, December 17, 2012


This week started our Party Sale:
20% Discount on RopaRosa & 20% Discount on Selected Femme! Two of our favorite
brands. We have Also 20% Discount on our Vintage cloths and accessory items instore 
and on our WEBSHOP! So you still looking for your a party dress or a shiny accessory for the perfect match with you favorite shoe?

Let's meet RopaRosa:
High Fashion label RopaRosa created by Roos van der Kamp who's living in West
Amsterdam. ( the place where it all happened )…. Also for JUTKA & RISKA since may
2012! Her mission was getting inspired by powerful and playful females, her designs
are focussed on sharp lines and relaxed forms.
Geometrical shapes are combinated with a feminine fit and executed with sportswear
inspirational materials. Also JUTKA & RISKA loves RopaRosa curious why ....Because each powerful piece of cloth : shirt, skirt or dress you can buy is an unique handmade garment. 
Let's meet Selected Femme:The high end brand out of Denmark who tells the story of
strong and independent characters transforming the newest trends into personal
expressions. Inspiration is drawn from strong - woman who embrace urban lifestyle
andinterpret the latest trends in fashion, music and design. JUTKA & RISKA loves
Selected Femme too because this high end brand creates: Good striking basics in
their collection'(s) basics who perfectly completes your favorite JUTKA & RISKA
party or just daily outfit. 


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