Sunday, February 6, 2011

Go see the dentist!

One thing is for sure; next photo shoot will be from the uncomfortable chair of the local Antwerp dentist. We will have some serious cavities after munching on the super sweet content of this post. Despite of the high risk of glazing breaking off of your teeth, we just have to follow our inner sweet tooth. After all we're known to be compulsive cupcake eaters... just once a month though ;-) So when he heard about the new cake shop that had just opened a few doors from our store on the Nationalestraat in Antwerp, we simply could not resist. Here's Ilse and Noëmie wearing some of our favorite items that are currently in our store matching the equally adorable shop called Patty Cake. Get ready for a serious sugar high!

Ilse wears:
Salmon-pinkish vintage CHANEL dress with elephant print € 385,- (100% silk)
Chloé shoulderbag € 299,-
Pink boots € 65,-
Cream scarf (on bag) € 4,-
Heart necklace € 3,-
Bird bracelet "Rosie&Roses" € 14,-

Noëmie wears:
Jeansdress € 39,-
"Mimic Copenhagen" stars bag € 64,- (carries plenty of cupcakes!)
Grey pumps € 115,-
Scarf dots € 26,-
Brainy glasses € 10,-
Pink heart necklace € 5,-
Snake bracelet € 25,-
"Dutch watch department" watches in white, silver and pink € 79,- (Also available in black and gold)

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