Tuesday, February 22, 2011

OnLine: Lost in translation

Recently we received a message with a link to a blog post of a Korean girl who supposedly wrote about our Antwerp store... I say supposedly, because non of us are able to read Korean so before we would just put this link on our own blog, we did a little research. We caught up with our Korean friends, ate some yummy spring rolls and delicious kimchi, danced to crazy Korean punk version of the backstreet boys and then: time for TRANSLATION! A big big thank you to our friends Ji Nam Hee and Seulki Choi for making sure we can all understand what was written, just too bad it was not so much about the store as about shopping vintage in Antwerp. Anyway, the pictures are definitely fun to scroll through.

Antwerp is the paradise of shopping, even Europeans admit it.
When sale period comes, branded designer shops offering nice discounted products to shoppers.
There are small and big shops together, and it's easy shopping because there are not too many tourists like in Paris or London, the big cities.
Here we can experience the moment which we usually just watched expensive bags, clothes, and shoes with '50~70% off' tag, becoming ours.
Today, I want to introduce a shop called Vintage or Second-hand shop among lots of shops in Antwerpen.
For example, I always go to vintage shops, but not really buy or pick something nice.
Models wear anything and this way it became really fancy, but when I wear vintage things, it became shitty. But there is various quality and ages (there's also lots of things that don't look too much from the 80's). You can find a lot of styles lined up in Antwerpen. Because of that, people will feel like they want to buy more.

Even, weather was nice today.

At first, I will introduce the shop where you can find lots of nice clothes to wear for these days. This shop called JUTKA & RISKA is not only in Antwerp, also in Amsterdam and other places.
If you choose well, you can buy high quality items for cheap prices compared to the others (because vintage shopping is not cheap!)! If you choose well.....

This girl works there and became my model with a smile and with the shops business card when I asked to take a picture for the blog. hihi
And she told me to check the website of this shop.

Thank you for posting us on your blog! (I should get this THANK YOU translated to Korean.... better call the ladies...coming soon ;-)

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