Friday, June 8, 2012

Meet our Staff: Joshua Enker

photo © Peter Stigter

Another one of our inspiring staff members, this time a relatively new addition to our Amsterdam team: Joshua Enker. Joshua's great work ethic does not only surface at our Amsterdam stores, but you might have already encountered it at Joshua's graduation show last year at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. Therefore it comes as no surprise that the guy in the picture above is not Joshua, but a model who wears one of the latest designs. Joshua created the design above for the Floriade Masterclass he recently took part in. Since a few months The Floriade started working with well known Dutch fashion designer Jan Taminiau. To celebrate this new collaboration the Floriade organized a masterclass in which only 12 highly talented young fashion designers could participate. 

The focus of the masterclass was on durable design under the theme 'Nature Extends'. What are the possibilities to work eco-friendly as a fashion designer? What possibilities and problems does this green approach encounter and is this something you as a young designer feel you want to relate to? 
Challenges we are all facing especially in the fast moving field of fashion... Lucky us, we can always ask Joshua for some tips and tricks ;-)

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