Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Hello I am Guus, as from today I'm starting my internship at JUTKA & RISKA.
Today I had my picture taken to show you who I am.
Currently I am in the 3rd grade of the Sint-Lucas in Boxtel studying styling.
Recently I've moved to Amsterdam, which is a really wonderful city to live. 
The thing I love in Amsterdam is that everyone does his own thing and everyone is different here. My true passion really lies with fashion, styling and blogging. 
I have a blog where I show what inspires me: http://ohmyanker.blogspot.com
Things that are slightly different from the everyday really inspire me.
I always try to keep up to date in terms of the fashion. 
I think I am going to learn much during my internship at JUTKA & RISKA and I'm curious about everything what's going to happen. 

So, bring it on!

Shorts with pink leather inserts: 'JUTKA & RISKA' 49,-
Black leather sweater with brown fringe: 'This is lily': 215,-
Silk red/white scarf 'Yves Saint Laurent': 69,-
Sunglasses: 10,-
Necklace gold/silver cross: 9,99
Shoes model's own

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