Thursday, August 30, 2012


InTern: Meet Giene
The first assignment for JUTKA & RISKA. An assignment full of creativity with the target to show your own chosen outfit in a photo. The outfit is chosen in the JUTKA & RISKA store at the Bilderdijkstreet.
The girl on the photo is Giene Klein Gebbink, 18 years old.. Yes, that’s me.
I’m a third year student on SintLucas in Boxtel city. The clothes of JUTKA & RISKA inspired me to do my internship here in this shop in Amsterdam. I’m a hard working creative and open minded student. At the moment, I live in a house in Amsterdam with two other roommates. It’s so beautiful to walk trough the streets of Amsterdam and see all the colors and people have there own kind of style and own there own passion.
My dream is to inspire people around me, and let them feel comfortable in there own clothes.
At my internship I hope to get a lot of inspiration of the people, the clothes, the city and the whole store. Also I hope that my internship here will bring my a joyful time. I’m ready for a half year full of creativity, fashion, and hard working time at JUTKA & RISKA !!

(ONfoto) SintLucas assignment: “Fusion fashionshow”
An assignment to combine Holland with another country in own styled clothes. I selected America. The American style which I preferred, was the Indian style, so I decided to put a lot of ladder in the outfit. Also, we had to make a accessory  from a kitchen tool. I decided to make a Mohawk from fondue sticks. On the left side and on the ladder skirt I put Delft blue ribbons. Also we had to choose a model and do the make-up. I chose a man with brown hair, brown eyes which looked like a real Indian man.
White vintage pleated skirt:  €35,-
Black and gold girdle with small pouch :   €35,-
Jeans top with ladder straps(Roparosa):   €63,99
Vintage multicolor Jacket:   €35,-
Ray-Bann style glasses:  €10,-
Golden necklace with bars:   €16,99
Two finger ring with chains(Club Manhattan): €17,95
Shoes:  Own

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