Monday, November 8, 2010

InStore: Goodies!

Numnumnum..... just arrived: Delish eyecandy from Belgium. Forget about pralines and exquisite Belgian chocolate drops, cause these are just as sweet and the best thing: no calories whatsoever!

Wooden bracelets: €4,-/5,-
Club Manhattan bracelet: €20,-
Broche leafs: €8,-
Silver look ring frog: €18,-
Silver look rings: €13,-/7,-
Sunglasses ''Christian Dior'': €125,-
Woodcut birds necklace ''made by Noëmie'' €29,-
''Longchamp'' suede bag €195,-
Vase €25,-

And can you imagine my face when my mom told me she used to own a pair of these Christian Dior sunnies in green, but she threw them away years ago because she didn't like them anymore?!?!? So here's a little proposition for all of you fashion loving ladies reading this. Let's take a pledge for the generation ahead of us, making sure we won't have to deal with sad faces of our future daughters. Please repeat after me: I, (your name), solemnly swear, that I will safely store all extraordinary items I currently own for years to come. As soon as you have to start renting a Citybox, feel free to make a new selection ;-) Why didn't anyone come up with this 30 years ago?!