Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sinterklaas Wishlist

Sinterklaas is back! This Sunday night we will sit around the chimney sipping on bishops wine and munching peppernoten and other sweets. I hope you all remember the songs and hopefully you've been nice, however a free trip to Spain does not sound bad to me at all at the moment. To make sure Sinterklaas will just come as well prepared as we will be ourselves and to help him out a little (the old man is not getting any younger), Veerle photographed her wishlist(s). So Sinterklaas, if you or one of your helper Pieten read this, remember, Veerle was not too naughty, but nice. She deserves this ;-) And so do all the other readers of this blog... right?

bracelets €6,- €20,-
necklaces €9,- €23,-
bow broche €8,-
panther broche €19,-
ring elephant €18,-
wallet €19,-
feather earrings €4,-
little swan €10,-
big swan €19,-
scarf 'mimic' €22,-

bracelets: €5,- €9,-
hat €18,-
ring olifant club 6,-
pink/blue watch ''item'' €19,-
necklaces €9,- €16,-
bow ring €30,-
owl ring 3,-
blue pineapple €25,-
bird hairpin manjewell €15,-
sunglasses €20,-
white ceramic hand €18,-
peacock earrings €4,-

bracelets €9,-€19,-
red bow €9,-
beatle earrings
broche frog €12,-
red necklace with fringe €12,-
wallet €13,-
shoes EU-size 38 €19,-
George Michael mirror €25,-

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