Friday, November 19, 2010

Laundromagical Daphne

Do you also remember going to do your laundry, wearing your sweatpants, the only clean over-sized t-shirt left in your closet and your roommates fleece jacket you don't even want to be found dead in? And then when your are bored to death sitting waiting for your garments to turn fresh and clean, all of a sudden that hot guy from around the corner shows up in the laundromat? And while hiding behind the laundry baskets, you promise yourself never to let this happen again, next time: dress to impress? Well, Daphne sure came prepared...Let the hot guys come on in!

Wanna look fab like Daphne?
Mimic Copenhagen striped scarf €22,-
hairy boots EU-size 39/40 €95,-
black shades €15,-
animal belt 'Andres' €39,-
playsuit horse print 'Sugarhill Boutique' €63,-
brown Gucci bag with wooden detail €350,-


  1. Cool outfit and the location is so special :)