Wednesday, June 8, 2011

InWindow: Post- It -girls

A new section on our blog began today, a shop window section.
For everyone who likes our fine mix of vintage & new and can't see it by passing every day or week or month or even year (if you live in a country far far far away from one of our shops) and is curious about what we are showing off in the shop windows!
Here is our first, a try-out... Hope you like it.
In Antwerp we made a color-block window and we thought of all the students who are now busy learning and memorizing everything they've seen this year.
Take a post-it and note:
Don't forget to relax thinking in terms of 'walking near one of your favorite stores to watch the shop windows' or just go in and find your best exam dress.

Good luck to everyone!

Don't forget to stay tuned and in a few weeks you can see the Amsterdam Fashion week shop window. In Amsterdam that is, offcourse.

xoxo, the InWindow team.

(All prices can be checked at our shop in Antwerp or email us if you have questions)

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