Friday, June 10, 2011

OnStreet: Lizzy

As we are getting ready for our trip to Antwerp this weekend, I always like to get in the mood with some inspirational images. Then I found these pics of Lizzy, in which all ingredients for an awesome Flemish Whit-Sunday seem to be combined: Great weather, equally great summer maxi dress and shades, whimsical unicorn necklace and to top it off, the ultimate Belgian ingredient: fries! Lizzy is from Rotterdam and she is really fond of flea markets. She does not mind traveling a bit to find nice stuff for a bargain. We spotted her right when she was taking a break with her friends to munch on a well-deserved 'authentic' flea market lunch. She sure knows how to look good with food! Thank you Lizzy. Hope you will have a great long weekend with lots of shopping fun.

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