Sunday, March 4, 2012

InStore(s): ROPAROSA has arrived

As you could already have spotted in yesterdays InWindow post and on our facebook, ROPAROSA items are in tha house! YEEEEHAAAA! It's always such a long wait since ordering and then it is like kind of a surprise all over again: we picked the items ourselves ofcourse, but they even look better in real life than in the pics below...
If you start drooling, here's what we got:
The darkblue dress in the first pic we also got in shiny baby pink as could be seen in the previous InWindow post Amsterdam.
The second pic, we got the green dress with leather shoulder straps and rusty red detail.
Third pic: We sell the jumpsuit in green with a a rusty red detail at the bottom of the trouser legs.
We also sell the jeans-bra with leather straps (!).
From the forth picture we chose to sell the shorts (not the top).
And the last pic we have in this shade of pink, but also in dark blue with rusty red and see-through details on the shoulders. The materials are beautiful, the details are precious and the fit is soooooo feminine. WE LOVE ROPAROSA! Which one is your favorite?

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  1. I like the first one the most!