Thursday, March 1, 2012

InTown: @ Shanzai mash-up

Shanzai mash-up: a workshop night by Trash & Treasures and Waag Society (hosted in Fablab Amsterdam). Since we were not able to go and participate ourselves, we asked our intern Hannah to check out the Shanzai mash up and to take loads of pics. It turned out to be a DIY-night extraordinaire... transform any old piece of rubbish and turn it into your personal treasure. Besides customizing clothing, you could also follow a workshop on how to remix and remake tableware, furniture and blankets. There were skilled craftsmen for practical help and mental support and music and drinks to keep the inspiration coming. Hannah had a great night, below a concise visual report. 
We love to customize and to help others discovering the possibilities of mixing and matching with a pair of scissors and some thread, but due to illness and tight schedules, we could not make it this time. Hopefully we can be there for the next issue!

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