Saturday, March 10, 2012

InWindow: Amsterdam apples

The birds are singing, men ogle, we take fresh colors out of our closet and the temperature rises: spring is on its way!  After such a cold (but short) Dutch winter, we are so glad to feel it is finally getting warmer. The warm winter jackets are slowly disappearing, and colors are brought back to life. SPRING - flowers, buzzing bee’s, easter eggs and a soft sun breaking through. Unfortunately, the sun seems a little hesitant to share its’ rays with us. So we had to find another way to get a little warmth in the store at the Bilderdijkstraat ;-)
Therefore we transformed the shop window into a fruit altar a la Stella McCartney. Stella invented the first fruit print, which turned out to be such a great concept that it has been an inspiration for the rest of the fashion world (including yours truly!). Expect to see many of these juicy prints hitting the stores this summer. As you can see we also have a new item in store: a Levi’s jeans short customized with red leather apples on it. You can't exactly take a bite, but you'll look real delicious wearing them!

Stella McCartney collection

Vintage fruit print blouse €29,-                                                            
Jutka&Riska new collection fuchsia-orange-green blouse (fabric by Dries van Noten) €89,-
Jutka&Riska apple pants (Levi's customize) €59,-
Yellow vintage sweater €29,-
Yellow vintage boots  €59,-
Purple leather bracelet with pink stones ("Super Stylish", real Swarovski) €39.95 
Set of pink and gold-braided bracelets €7,99
Set of 3 orange rings (Friss and Company)€20,-
Feather earrings in bright colors €4,99 
Red-pink stone earrings €5,-
Pink flower ring €5,-
Bag €26,95 
Little pink wallet  €9.95
White/blue/green sunglasses  €10,-  
Purple flower clip €5,-
Yellow flower clip €3,99
Blue scarf (12,-) and yellow-pink scarf (€10,-) in vintage glass pears (€12,-each) 

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