Thursday, July 28, 2011

JUTKA & RISKA spend a Day At The Park

Here's a little flashback: last Saturday we conquered rain and mud to spend a day at the park @ A DAY AT THE PARK. The Dutch dance festival also known as ADATP was held in the Amsterdam forest (Amsterdamse bos). On the festival terrain we found some shelter in a small area surrounded by trees and bushes. Together with the other Trash and Treasures participants, we turned our market stall into a rain-proof shelter and kept warm by dancing in the muddy grass wearing our super fashionable ;-) trustworthy jackboots. It was a long but super fun day, we got lots of positive reactions from festival visitors and sold accessories, hats, bags and animal t-shirts. Luckily almost everything we brought matched perfectly with the poncho trend that hit the ADATP area ;-). The vibe was perfect and since we were back-to-back with the main stage field, we enjoyed the best dj's all day long! Can I please get that playlist combined with the comfort of our store next time?

If you could not make it, or you did not find us hiding between the bush, here are some pics and a big 'Thank you!' for the organizing people of Trash & Treasures.

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