Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Accessories aboard!

As the weather in the Benelux changes every day, we all also have regularly changing jewelry, but then you have obviously the difficult choice between silver or gold.
Here we have two stylings made ​​especially for you, one with gold details (for hot summer nights) and one with silver details for cooler days.
Come have a look at one of our stores, plenty of goodies for gold diggers and silver lovers.
And since the sales have just begun, enough reasons to buy a pair of matching accessories, you can never have enough, right?

Apple ice cooler (Sorry, it's sold!)
Gold bracelet € 17,95
FAB leather purse € 95,-
Sunglasses € 19,-
Shoes "Casadei" € 85,-
Double ring € 17,95
Belt "Moschino" € 55,-
Star necklace € 15,95

Pineapple vase € 29,-
Silver bracelet € 18,-
Green/blue weekend bag € 45,-
Ring € 5,-
Pumps "Melissa" (Sorry, it's sold!)
Turquoise glasses € 10,-
Necklace clock € 13,-
Little bag "Sugarhill Boutique" € 40,-

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