Friday, July 15, 2011

FashionWeek: JUTKA & RISKA stores everywhere!

Busy FashionWeek days we are running through: today the pop-up store at the Amsterdam Magna Plaza shopping centre opened its doors! Part of our Animal Parade collection is available there but only today and tomorrow from 10.00-19.00. Then on Sunday and Monday our temporary store will proceed at the Modefabriek (trade fair for fashion, accessories and footwear) in the Rai-building, Amsterdam. Will definitely put up some pics of each of the FashionWeek pop-up JUTKA & RISKA spots later. So if you won't be able to come and have a look yourself, you still get an impression of what we are up to. What are you up to this FashionWeek? Seeing shows? Visiting the trade fair? Or do you see it as a good reason for some extra serious shopping?

As promised some making-off shots of the Fashionweek opening event we hosted last Sunday (Animal Parade):

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