Wednesday, November 16, 2011

InStore: The WoW-factor of vintage Leonard

We have these gloves as mittens.
It's been a while. With all kind of stuff jumping for our attention here's the reveal of the 80 something original vintage Leonard pieces that we got in our Antwerp store to sell under consignment. It's one of our favorite labels, with some of our favorite prints ever. We got so much stuff in, so you simply have to drop by and check it out yourself. Flowers, stripes, graphic prints and fabulous colors: straight to the grand finale of the WoW! factor ;-)

Here are some of the items that we have in store in pictures from the original collection books of the time: Amazing styling shots!

Left: lightbrown coat in our store! Right: we have a dress and a jumper in this print and these colors
From this series we have a dress and a poncho

We got the green dress!
and this jumper: IN STORE!

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