Sunday, November 6, 2011

InSpire: Shimmer and Shine in the city

Are you ready for your city trip? How about a quick weekend break before the holiday frenzy goes bonanza? This incredibly mild November climate does not ask for warm winter coats, it's best when you wear something airy and soft, breathing yet sophisticated. Like this super soft suede Gucci jacket for example ;-) Pair it with comfortable flat yet feminine shoes and a pair of versatile leggings and the basis for you city trip is all set. Now all you need to pack is your toothbrush, perfume and some shimmery shirts, matching skirts and accessories in your allround handbag and you are good to go! No checking in luggage, no weightlifting along the way and looking fabulous never the less. Antwerp we are on our way!!!!!!

Suede jacket "Gucci" € 299,-
Golden shirt € 27,- (also in silver)
Skirt "Marni" € 85,-
Legging "ROPAROSA" € 49,95
Blue scarf € 16,95
Nineties sunglasses € 10,-
Necklace € 23,-
Snake shoes € 85,-
Handbag "Kling" € 125,-

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