Monday, November 21, 2011

InSpire: Glitzy pants, miumiu bag and more

It's about time for another jolt of inspiration. And since the holidays are approaching fast, here is Ans' and Veerles' approach to a stylish outfit for a festive yet comfortable fun family dinner night. With a little help from the last Indian Summer sunbeams the trousers look even more glitzy, but we can assure you, the candlelight at the dinner table will do the same trick! Do you already know what you are gonna wear during the Holidays? If worse comes to worse, you can always just stick on a white beard and wear you red bathrobe: nobody will notice ;-)
Bracelet € 14,-
Feather earrings € 6,-
Trousers € 65,-
Sweater "Junior Gaultier" €65,-
Black tanktop € 24,95
Bag "Miu Miu" € 550,-
Sunglasses € 10,-
Shoes "Supertrash" € 139,95

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