Friday, November 25, 2011

Inspire: All we want for Sinterklaas...

We don't need much, but if you are really insisting on surprising us with a present in our shoes, here's a confine list of items we would feel incredibly happy unwrapping. Depending on budget and if we have been naughty or nice, please choose your pick from the list below.... An incredible THANK YOU SINTERKLAAS! will follow from the top of our voices.

What item do you copy directly onto your wishlist?

maroon suede clutch €32,-
rose ring €8,-
necklace with glasses €15,95
buckled bracelets €14,-
green lizard wallet €28,-
brown snakeskin print wallet €25,-
2x Club Manhattan ring big €24,95
vintage bracelet fine gold €13,-
Chain bracelet €14,-
rose bracelet €8,-
ethnic earrings €5,-
necklace with stone and fringe €23,-
earrings bronze €5,-
thorny ring €19,95
nerd glasses €10,-
wooden necklace €10,-
earmuffs €5,-
bag beige €32,-
shoes KLING €29,90
tube scarf stripes €16,95

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