Friday, January 6, 2012

Fashion Week PrepTime: Getting ready for takeoff #4

In the midst of planning out the decor for our Amsterdam shop windows and deciding on the styling for the models presenting our new collection, we like to Google. And even though it does not surprise us one bit (we love it!), SPACE has been a theme in fashion many times before. We giggled when we stumbled upon this set of pictures of the Space Age Helmet Emilio Pucci designed for Braniff Airlines.

If we had to guess I bet we would not have come up with this brilliant story: Emilio Pucci's Bubble Helmet was designed (in the days prior to the air-bridge) to protect the coiffure from wind and rain on the walk from the terminal to the aircraft.

When we just rode our bikes home through the incredibly stormy streets of Amsterdam we certainly wished we had one of our own. These girls definitely look great and so does their hair!

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